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miles gregory ashford
Museum Linguist/College Lecturer
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Sometimes, Miles felt like if he stared at the markings for long enough, he could figure out what they were supposed to have said. Many others in his work would argue that they were just markings, they were hieroglyphics, they weren’t meant to be words. But some part of him couldn’t help the thought in the back of his mind that insisted that that was exactly what they were. They had to be. Others had argued with him that, well, if they were words, there was no way to know if they would even have any sort of correlation with the words today, so it was pointless to try and figure it out. It was just gibberish.

Miles was the sort that was very calm, very quiet, and the idea of talking with people made him want to run and hide but there was one exception: his work. When it came to linguistics, he was passionate and had no problem talking a lot. More than he probably should. He had argued his point fiercely and it was only later that he had started to stutter a bit when they were having normal conversation. It tended to baffle people. He didn’t mean to baffle people.

Both of these were currently important because of where he was. For starters, he currently had a copy of one of the works that had just come in to the exhibit out on the table in front of him and he was trying to puzzle it out, for what felt like the hundredth time today. It was something that just nagged the back of his head. His work had focused on artifacts that circled around Atlantis and this particular piece baffled him because it was a totally new sort of writing that had been used here.

The second was because he was bad at talking to people. Very bad. He stuttered, or he spoke too much about his work, or he totally clammed up. This was important because he was currently about to be on a blind date. He hated blind dates. It was why he currently had his work on the table in front of him: he could distract himself from how much of a fool he was about to make of himself with his work. He was sure she was a lovely girl that his friend was trying to set him up with, but he had always been horrible at this. More than horrible at this. He couldn’t count how many blind dates he had been on, he always was horrible.

So if he distracted himself with his work, he wouldn’t have to think about it. Not until the server goodnaturedly cleared her through to alert him that he was about to have company so he could turn a brilliant shade of red and look up.

I love dropping Miles on Blind Dates - is that rude? Could be his blind date or maybe his friend coming to tell him it didn't work, or a server, whatever http://files.jcink.net/uploads/fantasiesunwind/emojis/heart.png
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