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Posted by: erin's a superhero! Aug 2 2013, 12:39 AM
topic title: character last, first middle
topic description: spirit; face claim; alias

first last
> age > pronouns > face claim
full name > answer.
prefers >
pronouns > answer.
gender > answer.
age > answer.
birthday > answer.
hometown > answer.
education > answer.
languages > answer.
occupation > answer.
member group> answer.
spirit> answer.
movie> answer.
request? > is this character for a request? if yes, please link the request here
family & platonic
parents >
first last & first last
sibling(s) >
list, if any.
children >
list, if any.
other >
list, if any.
pets >
list, if any.
sexual orientation > answer.
romantic orientation > answer.
marital status > answer.
current >
previous >
favorite film > answer.
favorite tv show > answer.
favorite book > answer.
favorite song > answer.
favorite emoji > answer.
favorite color > answer.
likes >
list likes
dislikes >
list dislikes
Put your shipper or freestyle application here!
spirit relation
Put how your character is related to their spirit
the player
alias > answer
pronouns > answer
age > answer
timezone > answer
contact > answer
triggers >
please list any triggers you have here.
other characters >
first last > link to thread (if applicable), face claim
first last > link to thread (if applicable), face claim

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first last

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face claim

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<div class="CLMT-CHeading"><b>personal</b></div>

<span class="CLMT-Qt">full name <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">prefers <b>></b></span> <blockquote>



<span class="CLMT-Qt">pronouns <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">gender <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">age <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">birthday <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">hometown <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">education <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">languages <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">occupation <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">member group<b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">spirit<b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">movie<b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">request? <b>></b></span> is this character for a request? if yes, please link the request here

<div class="CLMT-DHeading"><b>family & platonic</b></div>

<span class="CLMT-Qt">parents <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

first last & first last


<span class="CLMT-Qt">sibling(s) <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

list, if any.


<span class="CLMT-Qt">children <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

list, if any.


<span class="CLMT-Qt">other <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

list, if any.


<span class="CLMT-Qt">pets <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

list, if any.


<div class="CLMT-DHeading"><b>relationships </b></div>

<span class="CLMT-Qt">sexual orientation <b>></b></span>  answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">romantic orientation <b>></b></span>  answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">marital status <b>></b></span>  answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">current <b>></b></span> <blockquote>


<span class="CLMT-Qt">previous <b>></b></span> <blockquote>



<div class="CLMT-DHeading"><b>personality</b></div>

<span class="CLMT-Qt">favorite film <b>></b></span>  answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">favorite tv show <b>></b></span>   answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">favorite book <b>></b></span>  answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">favorite song <b>></b></span> answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">favorite emoji  <b>></b></span>   answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">favorite color <b>></b></span>  answer.

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">likes <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

list likes


<span class="CLMT-Qt">dislikes <b>></b></span> <blockquote>

list dislikes


</div></div></div></div><div class="cltab2"><input type="radio" id="cltab2-2" name="cltab2-group-1"><label for="cltab2-2" style="margin-top: 71px;"><span class="CLMT-AIcn"><span class="ion-android-color-palette"></span></span></label><div class="clcontent2"><div class="CLMT-CBg"><div class="CLMT-COv">

<div class="CLMT-CHeading"><b> about </b></div>

Put your shipper or freestyle application here!

</div></div></div></div><div class="cltab2"><input type="radio" id="cltab2-3" name="cltab2-group-1"><label for="cltab2-3" style="margin-top: 142px;"><span class="CLMT-AIcn"><span class="ion-erlenmeyer-flask"></span></span></label><div class="clcontent2"><div class="CLMT-CBg2"><div class="CLMT-COv">
<div class="CLMT-CHeading"><b> spirit relation</b></div>

Put how your character is related to their spirit

</div></div></div></div><div class="cltab2"><input type="radio" id="cltab2-4" name="cltab2-group-1"><label for="cltab2-4" style="margin-top: 213px;"><span class="CLMT-AIcn"><span class="ion-coffee"></span></span></label><div class="clcontent2"><div class="CLMT-CBg2"><div class="CLMT-COv">

<div class="CLMT-CHeading"><b> the player</b></div>

<span class="CLMT-Qt">alias <h9>></h9></span> answer

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">pronouns <h9>></h9></span> answer

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">age <h9>></h9></span> answer

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">timezone <h9>></h9></span> answer

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">contact <h9>></h9></span> answer

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">triggers <h9>></h9></span> <blockquote>

please list any triggers you have here.


<span class="CLMT-Qt">other characters <h9>></h9></span> <blockquote>

<span class="CLMT-Qt">first last  ></span>  link to thread (if applicable), face claim

<br><span class="CLMT-Qt">  first last  ></span>  link to thread (if applicable), face claim



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