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 thunder, thunder, thunder..., twins ad
So, I already have a list of a few characters I'd love to do after Madeline, who's sitting in the app center waiting for me to finish up a few things with Josh and Riku. One of the ones I'd love to do right after her is for a very certain Thundercat from the recent revival of the series:

user posted image

I'd love to do Wilykat - the male of the duo. This is one that I feel would work best with someone else working on Wilykit. I already have a few things worked out for the duo - or at least Wilykat, if you want them to be a little bit deviated from each other - but I do know one thing about Kat, and it's that he always puts Kit before himself.

For the most part, I have a good chunk of the history already worked out, but then I realized that working with someone this closely tied to their twin, it's a bit hard? And it kind of separates the idea of someone even taking the twin? So for now, I'd love to put Kat on hold until someone decides they'd love to do Kit alongside him for me. I love the idea of working with someone and finalizing ideas and even their history so it really hardens it up. This way they already have a good chunk of chemistry worked out - maybe even some in-jokes?

Working alongside someone for the Thunderkittens is, I think, the best decision for this application and character idea. You can't have Kat without Kit, so I feel that this works best. I already have a face claim for Kat worked out, so please hmu if you'd like to work alongside me and then the two of us get a pair of twins together as a duo.

Already you'd have someone to play with regarding Kit! Besides, lookit them together, they're adorable.

user posted image
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