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 ♠ For The Sake of Peace [OPEN], still star-crossed au
alexander miura
Alex, Sandy
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Life had not been the kindest to Alexandra. Not quite. It hadn't always been that way. No, there was a time when Alexandra's days were spent with smiles and laughter, running down the halls of her cherished home while her mother yelled for her to be careful and her father worked from his office. Life was beautiful and enjoyable. The most the young girl could complain about was the constant news of hearing of some Montague or Capulet fighting and falling to each other's swords. It didn't seem a day went by when there wasn't fighting in the streets or some corpse to cry over. Alexandra wondered what would break the cycle or if the fighting between the two families was simply destined to rage on until eternity or until there weren't anymore members to fight.

Alexandra's tragedy began the evening that her mother died. Her mother had been ill for a long time, much longer than the doctors had predicted. Despite her tenacity though Alexandra's mother passed away one cool Spring night with her family at her bedside but Alexandra's mother's death wouldn't be the only tragedy that night. It had been her father that had taken it the worse. Alexandra would look back on that night and wish she would have done more to help her father rather than let him leave the safety of the house as the next time he came through those doors it was as a corpse, In his devastation her father had gotten himself into a clash of steel with some drunken Montague that ended with a sword through her father's chest. In a single night Alexandra had gone from having a very satisfying life to it all ripped away from her in an instant.

Three years later tragedy would hit her family again. She had been taken in by her uncle, head of the Capulet family, and cousin Juliet. They had been kind to her and treated her well which made the news of Juliet's death all the more painful. Once again Alexandra was left regretting and chiding herself for not doing more. She went over how she should have tried harder to warn her away from the Montague that would lead to her ultimate demise, tell her not to go through . She couldn't help feel that she had yet again failed her family as the city once again fell into madness and chaos after the funeral of Romeo and Juliet. In a show of peace lord Montague had commissioned a statue in honor of the fallen Capulet daughter but when the statue was defaced and "Harlot" written across it the Capulets believed this was done by none other than the house of Montague.

In a last ditch effort to unite the two families and end the constant warring the Prince of Verona did something that almost seems unthinkable. The union of the two rival houses through marriage. To her dismay this meant Alexandra, next in line after Juliet, was the one expected to give her hand in marriage to unite the two families. She hated this but she begrudgingly agreed and heeded her uncle's warnings of needing to make this union and their "love" as believable as possible especially in front of the visiting ambassadors from the neighboring cities. The stage had been set and now Alexandra had to perform. So, when Alexandra received the apparent invitation to an afternoon picnic it was per her uncle's urging, practically ordering, that she attended. This was where she was now. Sitting under the afternoon sun in the gazebo. The water that surrounded them in the pond was crystal clear and down the pathway sat the two servants making sure that the they didn't get up to anything dishonorable. How could they though even if they wanted? They were in a public area with curious eyes watching them as they walked past the gazebo from either side of the pond. "I suppose we should at the very least learn a little of each other, don't you think? If we're to be married after all." she suggested. The little she knew of her betrothed was his name and having been Romeo's cousin. They had met for but a moment when their cousins had sneaked away in the night to marry each other and hadn't seen each other since until this talk of marriage came into play.

"Forgive my cynicism but was this charming picnic your idea or was this your uncle's thinking?"

( © HUNTER. )

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