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 from the ashes, da:i au
raelyn eloise river
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: eastern
MSG NAME: nessa#3116
MSG CHOICE: discord
Branches snapped under her leather boots as she ran through the forest, weaving between the thick trees. Her blue hair whipped around her as it came undone from the braided bun that was on top of her head. She would periodically look back, trying to see if the templars were still following her. They most likely were; she was an apostate now. Raelyn escaped from the Circle of Magi not even two weeks ago and because of the phylactery, they were able to track her every move. Raelyn knew she should have destroyed the vessel of blood before her escape but the room was well guarded and well protected. It would have taken a miracle for her to even enter the room unseen before taking into account actually trying to locate her vial.

The Hinterlands was a vast region filled with flora and fauna and one could easily could get lost with how large it was. That was Raelyn's case. She was taken from her family around the age of five when she had begun to show signs of magic. Instead of going to the Circle Tower in Starkhaven within the Free Marches where she was born and raised, Raelyn was instead taken to the Circle on Lake Calenhad. She had no idea why she was taken from her home city and transported to Ferelden but she was and she had no say in the matter. Raelyn grew accustomed to her life in the Circle very quickly and grew control of her magic early on. She had shown signs of being an excellent mage and the Enchanters had no qualms about her Harrowing. Raelyn did phenomenally and passed her apprenticeship. Not even half a year following her Harrowing, she made her escape from the Circle to live a free life.

Life in the Circle was too controlling for her free spirit. They provided her with shelter, clothes, and food, yes, but she had no individuality and no say with how her life was to be laid out. Some of the other mages were on board with her idea of escaping but they were too nervous about being caught and in the end, it was just her who followed through. Raelyn knew nothing of the geography in this region and after wandering for weeks, ended up in the Hinterlands. That was a big mistake. On top of being hunted by the templars of her tower, there was an outbreak of war between templars and apostate mages. Not only did she have to be on the look out for the templars, but now she needed to be wary of any mages she met as well.

Raelyn grabbed the staff from her back and held it tightly as she slowed down her walking, trying to catch her breath. Raelyn ditched her Circle robes and bought an apprentice coat. The light armor had breathable leather which kept her warm against the cold weather but also allowed her heating body to cool off. Raelyn stopped beside a tree and leaned against her staff. She was growing hungry and tired. She hadn't slept in almost two days and she couldn't remember the last time she ate. Raelyn had managed to buy some supplies in Redcliffe but the templars had found her there and she had to quickly evacuate before she could rest at an inn.

Before she could rest a minute longer, Raelyn heard rustling from the trees nearby. Both of her hands flew to her staff and she widened her stance, prepared to defend herself against whoever this attacker was. Emerging from the trees was a ram and Raelyn could only laugh at herself for being so paranoid. She attached the staff onto her back and resumed down her path through the woods. She had no idea where the closest village was but she would need to find shelter soon as night was beginning to fall.

Raelyn hadn't even made it a mile before she came across trouble. It was two bandits looting the corpse of a mage and Raelyn gritted her teeth in anger. The bandits barely had time to react before Raelyn twirled her staff over her head and slammed it into the ground, a burst of electricity zipping through the air and colliding with the bandits. They fell to the ground, their bodies twitching for a few seconds before falling still. Raelyn approached their corpses, taking what coin and supplies they had before continuing down the path.

Night had fallen and silence overcame the Hinterlands. Now was as good a time as any to set up a small camp and get some rest before resuming her escape. Just a few hours of sleep should be fine, her body was already used to operating on such little sleep. As Raelyn set up her small bedroll and piled some sticks into a makeshift fire, a booming cracking sound cut through the air. A flash of green flashed across the sky and it began to tear open. "What in the Maker?!" she exclaimed, grabbing her staff.


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