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 just keep swimming, beau forest rain
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Cece was bigger and a chatterbox by now and it seemed that Beau was far less iffy about her and far less uncomfortable around her and it was a huge relief to Kennedy. It was nice to come into a room to see the two of them giggling or watching a movie together while she worked on something. It seemed now that Cece was like a little person, Beau had become far more comfortable being around her. Now that she could speak for herself, he was far happier around her, it seemed and for Kennedy, that was a happy sight. (Perhaps, she thought, she might even be able to convince him he’d like having a kid one day…not now but one day.)

Today however, the three were going to the aquarium because Cece loved her stuffed jellyfish and had asked if they could see the jellyfishy. She’d also been watching Finding Nemo and Finding Dory pretty often, and was so excited to go visit Nemo and his family. Cece on her hip, she headed in past the ticket booth and pushed the stroller in front of them. Kennedy knew eventually Cece would get tired and the stroller would help with that when it happened.

”Beau Beau, up up!” Cece reached for Beau, claiming that she wanted him to put her on his shoulders, to give her a better vantage point. ”Miss Cecelia would like you to know she’d like to ride your shoulders,” Kennedy told Beau with a chuckle, ”Isn’t that right, jellybean?” Kennedy smiled affectionately at Beau as she handed her daughter over.

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beau forest rain
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Beau was going to the aquarium, something he hadn’t done since he was young. Today it was going to be him, Kenny and her daughter, Cece. It had taken him a while to warm up to the little girl. He wasn’t sure what to think, but as she started to move around and communicate with him, it became easier for him to interact with her. It was more fun to interact with her. Making her laugh became his new goal and if you asked him, he was good at it.

Very good.

In the aquarium, it didn’t take long before Cece was trying to grab his attention. ”Jellybean, you what to ride?” He questioned with a raised brow and a little grin. ”Well come on!” Taking her, from Kenny, he made airplane sounds as he spun around in a circle, pretending that Cece was a little plane before he lifted her to rest on his shoulders.

Looking around, he tried to figure out where they should head to next, but he figured that Kenny was more aware of where to go than he was. ”Where are we going, Princess?” To him, everything in here was a fish and nothing more. ”That way or that way?” He questioned, using Cece’s legs to point in the direction he was talking about.


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