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 PHILLIPS, GREGORY SIDNEY, sid phillips, norman theuerkorn, talon
gregory sidney phillips
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cto prince industries
PRONOUNS: he/him
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gregory sidney phillips
tw: abuse

"Philips? Yeah...he was a good kid. Pretty smart too. Top of the class." - Mrs Cooper, Greg's kindergarten teacher

Gregory was born to two very busy parents. He was looked after by staff, people who were supposed to look after the house but were quickly distracted by his giggly charm and personality. He was a charmer from birth - captivating people with toothless smiles and grabby hands. He had bright eyes and was probably one of the most behaved babies they had ever come across. He rarely cried, rarely screamed. He only gurgled when he was hungry but otherwise it was smiles or sleeping. By the time he was old enough to learn he was taught to walk, talk and more. He had a tutor before school even began.

When his little brother was born he immediately took the responsibility of the older sibling very seriously. He looked after Declan in the same ways the staff had looked after him. He taught his bother everything he knew and when school began - the staff had begged his parents to send him out with other kids - he would rush home and try to explain everything he had learned to a googling baby brother and pretty soon a googling sister.

"Gregory was a great help! It was a shame he never got the acclamation he deserved. There was always this look of disappointment..." - Sally Hodgeson, Greg's housekeeper

With a father who was never home but expected so much it was hard for Gregory to live up to the expectation. Sure he could come home with the best grades and the tidiest room and the captain role on the football team. But it never seemed to be quite enough when he was quizzed at the dinner table over business jargon he didn't know, or asked about the stock markets fluctuation. So when his father wasn't home he would study above and beyond what they were teaching at school.

But school didn't treat the smart kids with respect. Kids were cruel and Greg refused to sit with Henry Jenkins and the nerd patrol. So he dumbed down, failed a couple of tests. Nothing major but it got him in with the cool kids. Allowed him to sit with the group that laughed rather than the group that played with plastic figurines and muttered about dragons. To get respect at school was simple. Make fun of people who weren't in your league and get people to follow your lead. They didn't have to like you, they just had to respect you - or better yet, fear you.

"It's not unusual for teenagers to get bruises! They run and fall all the time especially the star of the football team!" - Mr Kingston, Greg's high school principle

A few grades slipping wouldn't be the end of the world for some people, but to Greg's father it was. Greg had never been hit before, not intentionally. Sure a couple of hits from training left some bruises but being dragged into his father's office was nothing like football. The bruises were well hidden, in places Gregory didn't tend to show anyone else. They made it uncomfortable for him to move too suddenly, to lay down and relax. Everything became a little more difficult. It wasn't a one time thing either, every time his father would come home Gregory feared being pulled into the office.

His grades soon picked back up again but he hid them from his friends. Instead he pulled papers into his bag or scrunched up the report cards before anyone else had a chance to see them. But the change didn't subside his fathers fury. Fortunately the change people saw in Greg were the only changes. They didn't leave the office and they sure as hell didn't spread to Gregory's siblings. Which was at least one thing.

"I would like to say 'boys will be boys' but...this is different. Greg - sorry - Sid is, different. I think there might be trouble at home? There's rumours of course, but Sid doesn't spend enough time in one seat to get him to answer any questions." - Miss Borowski, Greg's high school nurse

There were a lot of ways Greg could have handled the beatings. He could have run away and hid - and in part he did just that. He would spend hours locked in his room dismantling his old toys trying to figure out how they worked. He found a safety in inventing and making new things out of old. He would rip apart everything and try and put it back together. Dolls mixed with trucks, heads mixed with cheap plastic he found in the bin. Anything he could create was better than spending time trying to avoid his father's gaze.

His distance from his father also created a distance between himself and his siblings. He grew impatient with them, getting frustrated when they made the simplest of mistakes. He wanted them to be better, the best they could be because if they were better they wouldn't feel the wrath of their father. So he would get angry at them if they tied their shoes wrong, or made a mess anywhere. He would take their toys to add to his experiments and stomp around when their father was away, making sure everything was perfect. He became almost more than controlling. But it made sure that their father had nothing to be angry about when he came home.

"You know what they say about fear, it can make a man do strange things. I think the opposite! Sid has no fear man, you dare him to do something and he's already halfway through!" - Jake Key, Greg's old friend

It was somewhere between a sense of normality and something completely insane that had Gregory playing dares with the kids at school. Ending with him on the roof of the building in nothing but his underwear was the beginning of something that would quickly spiral out of control. The beatings intensified but it was almost worth it to see the admiration on his peers faces as he won another fight in gym, or another bust up behind the football field. Something that had his blood pumping away from his house and the seven locks on his bedroom door.

Added to the fact that his family had an unlimited supply of income that he could use to mail order things to himself - potassium nitrate, sulphur, dextrin - if he was going to have to get good grades to sedate his father he might as well use the knowledge to his own advantage. The ingredients plus a hot glue gun and some string and he was well on his way to making a couple of fun explosives. But the experiments in his room and the time he spent fighting left his relationships with his siblings broken and almost completely forgotten. He wasn't the big brother he had started out as and Declan and his sister soon learned to get out of his way.

"Mister Phillips would like to avoid all questions about his family at this time, thank you." - Aaron Leyburn, Greg's family lawyer

It had been one firework too many. Apparently making small explosives in your bedroom was frowned upon by society - and your mother. Even making them in the garden and blowing up old toys and broken parts wasn't the best idea. Especially when you let them off outside and they managed to connect with a neighbours cat. But how else was he supposed to get his mother's attention when she herself spent more time locked in her room than Greg did in his own. She was angry and upset in the same way Greg was, but she would drink her problems and call over strange men to look after her. They claimed to be doctors and physicians but Greg knew better.

He was angry at her more than anything. She would come out of her room and call him over, butter him up, feed him treats to keep his silence and his friendship and he couldn't ever say no to her. Especially with pop tarts. He couldn't show his emotions around her because, well, she was his mother and there was something about the whole situation of his life that he wanted to keep some normality. If she loved him then he couldn't be all bad? Could he? When she became more of a state he would sit next to her in their secret room and they would discuss their nightmares and their fears and everything that seemed dark and harrowing and they didn't seem so dark anymore. But he never told her about his father. That was his own secret to shoulder. She had enough to worry about.

"Yeah man, Sid's great dude! Hooks you up, y'know? Does a solid. He's never seen with the same chick twice man, dunno how he does it?" - Vince Lowrie, some kid in Greg's class.

When school ended every one of his friends was shocked to see him passing with more than flying colours and getting accepted into every university he applied to. Harvard was the best choice and the one his father sent him to. He hadn't wanted to leave at first, what if his father's rage was passed on to the others. But the rage simply followed him. He was used to it now, prepared for it and as Greg slipped more and more into being the company bitch the storm began to calm. He learned everything about Prince Industries. He learned what he could talk about and what was supposed to be kept secret. The closer he got to pleasing his father the further he got from the rest of his family. It wasn't that he didn't love them, but they sort of didn't call him any more and he didn't want to feel like he was pushing himself on them - especially after he had essentially stopped talking to his siblings after the fighting had started.

University was a whole other deal compared to school. There was far more freedom in one way with his own room and his own schedule and his own life away from home. But on the other hand every spare moment he had was learning about his legacy and the plans for his future. Which wasn't quite as exciting as the prospect of getting drunk, or high, every night and ending up with someone he couldn't remember the name of. But the inventing he had done as a child had given him a heads up when it came to his first degree - technology. He could plan and draw and design with easy, able to pull things apart and put them back together to understand how they worked. He excelled in his class, but his anger and resentment to his family made friends difficult to keep around.

"Mr Philips Jr is a hard worker! He always remembers everyone's names, their birthdays, everything. It's just...he's very serious about his job so...I don't think he has a life outside the office?" - Greg's PA at Prince Industries

Becoming CTO of Prince Industries was almost as good as Christmas. Inventing and technology was his own escape from reality. It was the achievement that almost had him at the top of the company and at such a young age it was clear the tabloids were calling family favouritism. But his staff were quick to defend his work ethic and his dedication to the company that while they tried the papers couldn't dish any dirt on him. Except that his tattoos, haircut and general attire screamed convict. Most teen magazines referred to him as 'prison chic' but any business paper drew points that his suits never quite fit the black and grey of the buildings he worked in. Their bright colours were outlandish and people stared when he came into meetings with a cigarette behind his ear and a pen between his lips...or the other way around.

But there was nothing they could do. The day his father went into hospital was a blessing and a curse. It meant he had a little more freedom to run the company how he wanted to. But he also knew that any scandal, any wrong move and the board would vote him out. Get rid of him as soon as possible while his father could do nothing about it.

"Greg's in here at least once a week, papers everywhere. He's the most dedicated son I've seen on the ward for a while," - Nurse Juniper

The doctors said that if Phillips Sr left the hospital his risk of death would be a lot higher. He had developed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and had been predicated four years, maximum. Fortunately since the family owned more than enough to get by, the hospital was more like a hotel and Greg's father had 24/7 care from over ten different staff members.

But of course an illness was never going to stop the older man building his legacy so four months into his hospitalisation he decided to send Greg across the country to open the newest branch. It was going to be Greg's own part of the company. He would build his own building, hire his own staff and run the offices his own way. If it worked, then Greg was pretty sure the entire company was going to be his. This was the small time risk for the big time gain and with his father ill, did he really have any choice in the matter?

sid phillips from toy story
occupation: cto of prince industries
pronouns: he/him
birthday: 17th September
age: 27
face claim: norman theuerkorn
membergroup: Incertus
5 positive traits: hard-working, dedicated, energetic, bold, inventive
5 negative traits: brash, sarcastic, angry, boastful, impulsive
played by talon
gay / gayer

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thanks for the changes! we get to see a little more of sid now ~ i'm pumped to see him interact with his siblings, and the rest of san diego with that kooky personality. hopefully, he'd be able to learn how to control his anger, and find some inner peace with himself eventually. he looks like he could use some. don't forget your claims. https://s19.postimg.cc/e19f7p3cj/4uGhZqO.png
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