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 + rainbows in summertime, leviosa
levi haruto castelo
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 07:28 PM
24 years
marlon teixeira
steven universe
from steven universe
graphic designer
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From time to time, Levi had tried to workout, he would stick to it for a few days before he would give up on it and sit around eating whatever was on hand. So, he found about about a run to support the LGBTQ+ community he wasn’t sure about it. Levi didn’t have a problem walking the whole thing. He knew that he would have made a friend or dragged someone with him and had a good time. But, then he found out that more people would probably walk because during the run color was going to be thrown on them! It excited him to think about how much fun that could be.

He brought it up with Alice and Kass, thinking it would be fun for all of them. They would be able to throw color all over each other and have an insane amount of fun in the process.

”Are you excited about this?” He questioned with excitement as he bounced up and down. ”How messy do you think we are going to get?” Levi hoped they walked away with the powdered color covering them. He looked forward their stained clothes. It was odd looking forward to being stained, but there was going to be so much fun involved.

”I can’t wait for this! I’m going to make sure we get messy.” Grinning, Levi moved closer to them as they waited in the crowd just waiting for the race to start.

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