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 Until The End Of Days, sophia regina bayley
markus michael wolfe
 Posted: Nov 13 2017, 04:04 PM

markus michael wolfe

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September 2017

"I'm reaching my door right now. I just stopped to get dinner first. Did you finish your painting?" Markus asked, stumbling through the through the door that led to his apartment hall. It was evening by the time he was getting to his door after a full shift. Before coming home Markus had stopped to get some take out being too lazy to actually make himself something. It was Vee's voice that flowed through his cell phone while he managed to get to his own door with filled hands of food and new art supplies. Markus had been working on his own pieces lately and had had to make a list of things that he needed to restock on. The good thing about having a steady paycheck was being able to have the funds to keep his supplies well stocked.

"Are we still on for tomorrow? he asked, juggling his keys into the lock. Tomorrow would be a day that both had off and they had planned to go out like couples did. They were both working people with schedules to take into consideration even if they did work in the same place. Both having the day why not take advantage of it? The pair weren't always the kind to plan ahead but that could make things fun just winging it.

It took a moment but Markus was able to unlock his door without dropping any of his bags and with a soft kick the door slid open. Heen wasn't normally there to meet him as Markus normally left him out on the patio with his food and toys. Imagine his surprise then when his dog was running to his legs to meet him at the door as well as the fact that his lights were on. "Sophia?" For some reason his best friend was in his apartment. With her son. Remembering he was still on the phone with Vee he took a few seconds to say goodbye before hanging. With the door shut behind him and bags placed on the table Markus could better take in the fact that Sophia was here. He wasn't surprised so much by the fact that she could be in here despite there being a locked door. Long ago Markus had given Sophia a spare key to his apartment in case of emergency. He was just trying to figure out why? That hadn't made any plans to meet up recently so Markus was a little confused especially when something didn't quite feel right. "I wasn't expecting to see you today. Not that I'm complaining. Happy to see you and Tate."

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