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Posted by: erin's a superhero! Aug 10 2013, 02:42 PM
face claim

the rules

here at fantasies unwind we'd like you to claim your face as part of your application process, this automatically reserves the face for you for seven days. if after seven days you haven't finished your application the face will be reopened and you'll have to claim it again.

we like to work on the five year rule - with your face claims being either five years younger or older than your character age - for example, queen elizabeth is 92 a character with her face could be anywhere between 87 to 97. (use birth years as a reference.)

face claims also need to be at least 18 years old.

all the faces on the site need to be a celebrity, a model with an agency or someone who is verified on instagram.

if you're unsure just shoot an admin a message and we can confirm if they can be used or not. please bare in mind that some people don't want their images used for rp purposes and we will ask you to change your claim if this is the case.

the claims

the code

<a href="link to profile">LAST, first</a><br>

Posted by: twinkle twinkle tokki Mar 29 2018, 12:27 PM
face claim

the rules

remember, that your reserve will last 7 days and then it is up for grabs again. you will need to rereserve if you need more time.

the reserves

till july 21st

blanca suárez is reserved for moon

the code

<b>face claim</b> is reserved for <b>alias</b><br>

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