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 ❝ ain't no rest for the wicked, hades / underground mafia type

lysias hyperion ádis

Lysias & Dao

Okay so I honestly see this interaction going two ways. One, Dao usually deals drugs out of her resort, among other things, so there could be some conflict here as the two find themselves competing in the same market. Which would mean some great drama as she works to make sure he can't touch any of her shit, and I'd assume he'd do something of the same.

Or, two, they find themselves benefiting from cooperating. She is new to San Diego, so it might be more beneficial for her to get her feet wet and know what she might getting into before she decides to throw her cards into the mix. I really think it'd depend on how they met, and the introduction to what they both are up to. Regardless, I definitely think that they need to have some sort of conflict between them.
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