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 writing competition, due by october 29
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writing competition
Hello, everyone!! http://files.jcink.net/uploads/fantasiesunwind/emojis/twohearts.png

We are coming to you with another fun little thing - a writing competition!! You will have two weeks to come in a write something relating to the prompt given. After that, y'all will get to vote on your favorite! Happy writing!

PROMPT: write about a spooky/scary/traumatising event in your character's life

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bryan roscoe woods
biology teacher
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TW: abuse

There was a pit in his stomach. It was flipping around as he paced around his room. Bryan hated talking to his father. No matter what he said nothing positive seemed to come from the man’s mouth. There was no encouragement, only anger, and frustration that he wasn’t the man he was supposed to be.

He had never been.

Everything he did was wrong.

Bryan could clearly remember crying at his mother’s funeral only to be nudged and scolded for doing so. ”Men don’t cry! Wipe away those tears and toughen up.” The words were harsh and terrified him which caused the tears to build up even more. Before he could stop it, a sob came out with angered his father even more. His big hand wrapped around his arm as he leaned down and go right in his face. ”I said stop crying!” Bryan tried to stop the tears, not wanting to anger his father anymore.

He was only seven. He was grieving and he didn’t realize how bad it could get.

His father pushed him to play sports because playing sports was a manly thing to do and he still needed to toughen up. Sports were supposed to teach him that, but Bryan had no interest in it. But, he tried out anyway. He tried out for football.

Didn’t make the team.

He tried out for basketball.

Didn’t make the team.

By the time baseball season came around, his father was really pushing for him to try out for the team. His study time and recreational reading were cut short as his father would take him out to practice. Bryan was just as bad at baseball as he had been at basketball and football. It angered his father and after every practice his father was furious. He’d angrily toss the ball in his direction leaving Bryan to quickly dodge it or get hit.

He wasn’t so lucky to dodge all of them.

So, when it came to tryouts, Bryan went far more eager to go than he had been at the other tryouts. But, the baseball coach was quick to point out that the team may not be for him. He hated the idea of going home. He hated the idea of not being on the team, but he couldn’t play, he knew that. So, he tried to be at least part of the team. He ended up being the manager, helping to pick up after practice and make sure that everyone was set up.

But that certainly wasn’t manly enough for his father. ”You’re the manager?” The disdain and disgust in his voice were clear. ”Can you be any more of a wimp? What is wrong with you?” Bryan stood there with his head down, listening to the onslaught of insults his father continued to sling at him. His throat was closing up, the tears threatening to come, but he had to hold it in a little bit longer. His father couldn’t see him cry. ”You should have died with your mother.” Biting his lower lip, he tried to hold back the tears, unable to say anything. His father had said plenty of hurtful things in the past, but for Bryan - that one was the icing on the cake.

Bryan turned around and left, no longer listening to his father’s threats. He ran up to his room and locked the door, sinking deep into the far corner of the room. Scrambling for his headphones, he put them on as he father pounded on the door, not done with the conversation. He tried to drown out the noise with his music as he quietly sobbed in the corner.

Those memories, and others, played out as he tried to figure out how he was going to tell his dad that he wasn’t going to go to school to be a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, or some other ‘manly’ job - he was going to be a teacher. Bryan knew it wasn’t going to go well, but it would be worse if his father found out another way.

Taking a deep breath, he went to find his father. He stood in front of him, trying to be strong, but he couldn’t help how he naturally curled in on himself like he was protecting himself for what was to come. ”I need to talk to you, sir.” Bryan was trying to be polite, hoping that would soften the blow, but knowing better than that. It never helped.

”I’ve decided on a major.” He tried to remain confident, like he knew this was the right choice, but as his father set the paper down and leaned in to hear what it was, Bryan knew that he was soon going to feel like this was the wrong decision. ”I want to be a teacher. I’m going into education.” Bryan fumbled with his words, stuttered on them as his father began to turn an all too familiar shade of red.

”You what?” His father boomed, standing up so harshly that the chair fell over. ”Have you learned nothing over the years?” Bryan curled into himself more, as if that was a shield from the words that were to come. ”I did not raise a girl! So stop acting like one.” His finger was now inches from his face. ”Stand up straight and look at me!” He couldn’t do it. Bryan tried to, but he was paralyzed with fear. Then the hit came. It was sharp and let him gasping for air. ”You will not be a teacher! That is a girl’s job. You aren’t a girl.” He did his best to look up at his father, trying not to let him see the fear that filled his eyes. ”Pick a different path. You need a path meant for a man.”

”I want to be a teacher.” Bryan’s voice was weak as he looked at his father, trying to be strong. He was going to figure out how to do this if his father wanted him to or not.

There was another quick, hard hit that caused him to cry out softly. ”You won’t be a teacher.” His father spat at him, his face close to his. ”If you do that. Get out and pay for that yourself.” Bryan swallowed, knowing what he needed to do, but right now unsure of how he was going to pull it off. ”Don’t be an idiot, son.”

Trying to pull away, the grip only tightened. The more he squirmed the more his father’s grip tightened. ”So are you still going to be a teacher? Or will you think about it?" Bryan didn’t want to answer him, but all it took was a strong yank on his arm to let him know that he had to answer. Instinctively, he curled up again, ready for what was going to happen.

”Teacher,” Bryan whispered, knowing that it was not going to end well.

And it didn’t.

There was a slew of insults thrown at him with each hard hit to his ribs and back. The tears he had been trying to hold back started to flow, staining his cheeks. He didn’t notice when his father stopped until he heard the door slam. Bryan remained there, now on the cool floor, crying and unable to move. He needed to get out, but he didn’t know how to do that.

And it was going to have to wait until he was healed.

Until he could actually move.

So, for a few more weeks he was stuck with this monster and that made him cry, even more, causing more pain, but he couldn’t express himself in another way.

elyot theodore lumri
PRONOUNS: he/him
MSG NAME: talon#6513
MSG CHOICE: discord

tw: spoopy and swearing

The loud sounds of the Un-fairground jingled and jangled as Elyot pulled up in his car and the four friends piled out. Dressed in warm clothes and thick boots the farmland around them had been plunged into darkness, save for the fairy-lights and twinkles of the entrance to Scaresville.

The haunted village boasted of a night to remember. With thrills, shrills and a non-stop horror fest for the next hour. Ely didn't scare easily. In face he would probably say he was the bravest of his group of friends. He was like the mother hen after all so he needed to be strong and courageous. But there was something about the unknown that had him a little on edge.

Picking up their tickets from the witch in the booth they walked into the un-fairground where contortionists and fire breathers were rilling up the crowds of people ready to get their fix of fear. Gathering together, the four friends took photographic evidence of their cool-as-a-cucumber state and then went over to grab a warm drink and some fries while they waited for their group number to be called. As groups arrived after them and left thought the paddock doors, Ely found himself feeling a little uneasy. Maybe it was the thin line of fog covering the floor - it might have been dry ice but he didn't want to get too close to it - or the smell of the farm they were currently on. But the sudden difference between his city life and this was unnerving.

A bellow came over the tannoy and their number flashed on the small television screen by then entrance and Ely, his friends and a few strangers were gathered into a tiny room and a man dressed in an orange boiler suit explained the rules. No photos. No smoking. No touching and don't leave anyone behind. It seemed easy enough. Stick together, you're safer in a group, right?

Ushered, one behind the other hands on shoulders step by step they were allowed into a dark corridor with a selection of hushed whispers and creepy cackling. Ely had, thankfully, found himself in the middle of the group, protected on both sides.

There's a door! came the voice from the front and the creak of a wooden door quickly followed. Ely rolled his eyes at the cliche as they filed neatly into a box room. It had been dressed like a kitchen, with a counter top a sink and an oven that looked like it was boiling something on the hob. Ely took a brave move and leant over to look into the pot where he instantly retreated. A hand and an eye were bobbing up and down in the water. Before he could warn the rest of the group an explosion filled the room and he ducked out of the way as a man jumped out from behind a window. In an instant reaction the front of the group walked backwards into the rest and they were forced back against the wall.

Elyot's shoulders were gripped tighter by the person behind him, but when they realised the man was only laughing at them, they all visibly relaxed as they moved though the room and out the other door on the other side. Fucking hell, breathed someone in front of him - he couldn't see for the dark and....was that a body bag? Urgh, they're wet! came a girls voice. Nah I've just pissed myself laughed someone else. They kept together through the dark.

Pushing open another door a very bright spotlight shone down onto a grey angel in the corner of the room. Nah fuck this, that's the thing from Dr Who. Keep looking at it we can just sneak- Black. Total darkness and a scream from someone in the group. Bright light back on and the angel had moved directly into Ely's face. Oh fuck! he exclaimed stepping back and suddenly the lights were out again. She's fucking moving! came a voice from the back and a yell as the light came on and she was in front of the stranger's face. Move move move!

Out of the door the room tilted slightly uphill? Inside a building? It was a nursery and something about the china dolls on the shelves were already scary enough. But the tilt of the room made Ely feel a little nauseous and he stumbled slightly in the dim light. Is anything going to happen? asked the person at the front and there was a murmur of not wanting to stay to find out. So they opened up the exit door and the first person let out a piercing scream. Face to face with a human sized doll was not something they had been expecting. But as soon as he screamed the person behind him began to laugh. It's not real! the group, still holding onto each other, walked passed and out into another corridor. Suddenly a yell from the back of the group and a shout of Yes it fucking is! had them all running for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ely felt his heart pumping in his chest as the light turned out to be the moon. They were back outside. That was quick? Was it all over. You're face at the dr who thing his friend laughed, punching him lightly in the arm. I thought you were made of bricks? Ely smiled and shrugged. I didn't want the scarer to feel bad, he lied as the group moved cautiously through the pathways. They could hear music and screams and bangs and shouts in the distance and the prospect of the unknown was building more and more.

Nah it's fucking clowns, Ely muttered as the cheery circus music grew and grew as they walked. Caravans parked around like a travelling gang lead the group through a tight gap. BANG. The side of the truck dropped crashing just above their heads. Ely and two others found themselves crouched on the floor half terrified and half gasping out laughter. Jesus fuck, one of them laughed as they gingerly got back on their feet. But before they had time to breath four or five clowns ran at them from all sides, scattering the group int all different directions. Clowns. What was so scary about clowns? Ely stopped at the door of the caravan, blocked by some six-foot-ten Pennywise. Er, do we go around? he asked the clown, trying to keep a calm voice - and failing miserably. The man pointed into the caravan and Ely raised his eyebrow. When the caravan's a-rocking don't come a-knocking! he called back to the group who laughed and huddled together like sheep being herded.

The caravan was nicely lit by a mirror that looked like something you'd find in a dressing room of a famous actor. But there was something written on it...Can you roll your tongue? Ely read out loud. Yes, he answered, rolling his tongue in the mirror. But as soon as he did the lights he could see shut off and he could see in the mirror something moving. Fuck! he exclaimed stumbling backwards as a clown launched itself up against the glass with a horrible cackle. The group quickly caught up with him and they headed back out into the night.

The night went on, with the group screaming and scattering and then being herded back together. They passed the gallows with tall people in cloaks weaving in and out. Army tents where people got down on the ground and Ely and a friend had a push-up contest, which Ely was proud to say he won. They laughed their way through to a cage where something black and furry pushed its way out and chased them through the forest. Small tents reminded Ely of the blaire witch project and that was where two of the strangers had had enough and they asked a marshall to leave.

How much more do you think there is? laughed Ely as they dodged and ran passed a couple of druids and a vampire dropping from the tree tops. I hope not much more, i don't think my heart can take it. came a reply.

Stumbling out to the edge of the forest was a witches hovel and Ely had thankfully not been nominated to go first. As they piled in they noticed two small children laying in a bed - real or not real? - and a crying woman in the corner. As the door slammed behind them and mutters of 'oh shit' went through the group the lighting changed and the woman who had been crying turned her entire head around, her body staying very still. What the shit? came a half laugh, half scream as the woman jumped out of her body and chased the group around the hovel - Ely found himself on the bed with two child dolls and debated crawling out to remain unseen. But fortunately the witch had targeted another member of the group and the rest of them had a chance to escape back out into the farmland.

Ely was finally able to catch his breath, leaning on a friend for support as he pulled up his sock. He was going to need a drink after all of this. It was like a jump scare horror game that just didn't stop. As they gathered together, counted their numbers and walked up to a little shed they heard the revving of chainsaws and shooting of guns in the distance. Really? There was more?!

But the shed seemed unassuming and the reached the door just behind another group. Someone else in an orange boiler suit informed them they had caught up with the group in front so they'd have to wait. Ely didn't mind, it gave him time to relax. The person in the boiler suit asked if they were enjoying their night, to which they said yes. They talked about the scares and also the fun time and before Ely could stop it someone piped up with And Elyot had a good time with a clown! Oh how embarrassing. The man in the boiler suit laughed and then after a moment opened the door to the a soundtrack of little girls laughter and total darkness. You better hold on tight the man smiled as they walked in. Bye Elyot! he called and the group laughed and said goodbye.

Ely wasn't sure why he had been specifically called on until a voice called over the soundtrack. Hello Elyot. Are you here to play with us? He imagined it like a victorian child, like every generic horror film girl. But the way it said his name sent shivers down his spine. Did they just say your name? his friend laughed as they made their way through the dark corridors.

We can see you Elyot.

We can here you.

PEEKABOO! a door slammed open and a girl dressed as a doll was stood right in front of them. Holy Shit! screamed the guy at the front of the group and quickly ushered everyone into a room as the door slammed behind them. But they didn't have time to stop as through a window they spotted the same doll. How had she got there so fast?

Five. Four...

She's counting down, why is she counting down?!

Three. Two. One

Oh fuck

Ready or not. Here I come.

Move move. Fucking move!

Out of the door and into more dark corridors the whispers of the girl followed them. They tried to laugh it off, trying to sound more confident than they really were. But Ely could hear their voices in his ear, far too close to be comfortable. Another door swung open and she was there again. Ely only caught the edge of her but the first two people shot off into the darkness, leaving the rest of the group behind.

Guys! Slow down, we're still here,

Don't worry if you get left behind...we'll look after you...

I'm good, thanks for the offer, Ely replied, catching up with the rest of the group who had walked in to a room of mirrors and been scared by their own reflection.

You don't want to go outside, there's monsters out there! came the shrill girls voice again against Ely's ear. There was a mutter that outside was probably less creepy than inside and finally they found the door out. As Ely swung it open another door opened behind them and the shrillest high-pitched scream filled the room and four of the group hit the floor in a mixture of surprise and fear.

Jesus that doll is not nice laughed one of the strangers and the doll stuck out her tongue in return before slamming the door in their faces.

The fresh air hit them again and Ely was grateful for the light of the moon to lead their path. Passing zombie cowboys with guns, a ghost haunting and a headless horseman, twenty minutes later they met up with another person in a boiler suit who held them tight again, keeping them still before letting them into what looked like the beginning of a clown's mouth.

Not more fucking clowns, Ely groaned as the sound of 'tiptoe through the tulips' stung his ears. There was something that grated against his skin but before he could work out what it was two clowns had begun dancing around the group in time with the music. Their costumes blurred against the background and Ely found himself getting dizzier and dizzier as he stumbled through the draped of fabric and dodged through the rest of his screaming and laughing group until they were out the other side and met with a bright ultraviolet sign.

Congratulations. You have made it through alive and have earned yourself a drink at the bar-baric. Just follow the chainsaws.

Just follow the...

Without missing a beat the rev of chainsaws appeared behind them and the masked men ran at them at full speed. Ely wasn't going to find out if they were real or not and so, with the rest of the group, ran full pelt thought the path way and up some stairs to the most welcoming bar he had ever seen.

God he needed a drink....or several.

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