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 We're all Goofy Goobers (Yeah), lysias hyperion ádis

lysias hyperion ádis

Long Island Ice Teas were his new favorite thing. Like, forget everything else. Granted, Bobby had little to no experience in the realm of alcohol (mostly wine at holidays and awkwardly trying to choke down a beer to fit in with the guys at family gatherings and trying not to gag), but he was pretty sure that this was the best thing ever. They went down so smooth and it just felt so, so good. Like, not only were those the best drinks ever, but this was turning out to be the best night ever! He felt fantastic! Even though he was face down on the bar, the only guy left after everyone cleared out for the night, this was amazing.

Bobby was drunk. For the first time in his life, he was very, very drunk.

This definitely hadn't been the plan. He knew that he was definitely going to meet new neighbors now that he was officially moved into town and would absolutely want to get to know them better, but Lysias offering to take him to the bar that he happened to own was a surprise. Of course Bobby wasn't about to say no to that. He wanted to get to know him, not to mention see everything to town had to offer! Sure, Lysias leaving him at the bar and saying he had work to take care of was a little unexpected, but Bobby could certainly understand that. Bobby was a workaholic himself, and duty called when duty called. It was being left alone at the bar that caused all the trouble though. After all, no one just sat at a bar and twiddled their thumbs. He wanted the whole Styx experience! So, he called the bar tender over, and told him to surprise him. He was ready for adventure! Of course, then the bartender came back with something way too strong and a little too adventurous for Bobby's inexperienced palate, so he had nicely requested for something a little less... potent. And that's how he fell in love with Long Island Ice Teas. Golly, he loved them so much, he couldn't even remember how many he'd wound up having!

What he did know though was the fact that the bartender was now poking him in the shoulder, trying to rouse him from the very comfortable sensation of his warm face pressed against the cold bar. "Hey kid," he prodded, sounding bored. This wasn't an unusual occurrence for a man in that occupation, but he was still ready to just go home for the night. It's closing time. You need me to call you a cab?"

"A cab? Nooooooo," Bobby dismissed. He finally pulled himself upright, giving the bartender a look like that was a silly suggestion. He even waved a clumsy hand dismissively at him, coming dangerous close to lightly smacking the guy in the shoulder in the process. "I'm waiting-" Hiccup. "I'm waiting for my new friend! He's the owner here! Yeah, it's okay... I'm with the owner...." Bobby then starting giggling to himself for whatever reason, somehow finding that amusing. The bartender just quirked his eyebrow and stared at him.

"Right," The bartender said skeptically, watching as Bobby took out a little decorative umbrella from the empty glass of his last drink. He began twirling it around in his fingers, grinning stupidly like it was the most amusing thing ever.

"I love these little things!" he chirped. "But I don't get them. Do people think that the drinks are going to get rained on or too much sun? That's silly. Drinks don't need umbrellas..." As the drunken idiot rambled on, the bartender began glancing around the bar for any sign of help. Finally, he found it in the form of his boss walking out from the back.

"Oh hey, I think your friend is here," he said. He knew he was taking chances throwing Lysias of all people under the bus, but if his boss was going to dump this guy on him, he could do it right back.

"LYSIAS!" Bobby squealed with way too much enthusiasm for a man who was almost thirty. He waved enthusiastically in the air, nearly wobbling off his bar stool in the process. "There's my buddy! How the heck are you? You have a good day at work, because I had an AMAZING time!"
lysias hyperion ádis
bar owner
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Lysias had honestly forgotten completely about the 'friend' he had brought alone with him to the bar. He had left Bobby with a promise of a return and had retired to his office to deal with a few miscreants and tattle-tales. A few drinks and a couple of threats later it was closing time and Lysias felt, as always, that he hadn't achieved anything at all. He tried to convince himself that he could stay but then a buzz sounded from the bar and he looked to the cctv where his bartender was pointing slowly at what looked like a passed out patron on the bar.

Oh shit.

Lysias got to his feet and grabbed his jacket, slipping it over his shoulders before pocketing his gun - just in case. Heading down to the bar in the elevator he could only think of lame apologies for keeping the other man waiting for so long. But as it turned out it didn't matter at all because the moment he stepped onto the floor his bartender ratted him out and Bobby's attention was on Lysias like a shot.

He was half angry that he had been thrown under the bus by his own employee but at seeing Bobby in the state he was, he could understand the reason why. He shot the man behind the bar a look that suggested he had got lucky this once.

Yes, I had a very good time at work, he said simply, trying not to roll his eyes as he sat down in the seat next to the smaller man. He couldn't help but smile at the ridiculousness of this whole situation. How on earth was he going to deal with this? If only the fates had warned him of this disaster he could have avoided it.

How much have you had to drink? he asked the other man though the question was more towards the retreating bartended who shrugged as if he had no idea. The liar.

Lysias glanced at the rest of his staff team who were propping up chairs and bar stools to clean for the night. They could stay a little longer, but he knew the staff wanted to get on with their work so they could go home - and Lysias wasn't as heartless as people made him out to be.

We should get you home.

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