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oz isle
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set in JULY, 2018

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the island

general info

sitting about an hour off the north carolina coast, oswald isle has a population of around 100,000 people. it's a close knit group of people, to the point where you are never sure how safe your secret is.

the island has a wide aray of terrain ranging from a forest to mountains to a beach that allows people to explore a variety of hobbies. on oswald isle, you could try it all.

despite being an island, on oswald isle you will get all of the seasons. snow will coat the land during the winter only for everything to grow green and flowers pop up during spring. it will get hot during the summer and the trees will turn a variety of colors during the fall allowing the residents to enjoy what every season has to offer - or hate it.

the boardwalk

the boardwalk is the summer tourist hot spot. with lush sandy beaches, perfect surf and even a few hidden gems around the bay, the boardwalk is the place to be. you can find all kinds of people here from the old grumpy locals down by the docks to the young tourists dancing the night away at the beachfront bars. this place has everything - except maybe shelter in a rain storm!

places to go

while the boardwalk offers many things to do and see, the locals have a few hidden gems that they only share with their favourite people:

the docks mostly for local fishermen but the docks are a great place to pick up some fresh produce especially from the...

seafood market every morning the market sets up its stalls for the locals to come down and find the best catch of the day

the cove it's said that pirates used to smuggle their treasure on the island, store it away in the trees or the rocks, but nothing has ever been found. it's a great place to to get a little peace and quiet and a perfect place to take some stunning pictures.

the lighthouse still in working order the lighthouse is manned by a small team of volunteers who guide the locals back in to the docks.it's a perfect place for a picnic and a fantastic location for the keen eyed bird watchers. tours run up the lighthouse every few hours but the places get booked up pretty fast

places to eat

the beach front is littered with small cafes and bars that there's never any risk of not finding something. they try to keep the food locally sourced but as more and more tourists visit the area they've had to expand the menus to something more familiar.

there are even a few more expensive restaurants that serve five to seven course meals, if you think you can managed it. but they have a dress code that most beach goers are unfamiliar with.

places to live

Grand Marina the most luxurious beach front apartments are home to the richest business folk on the island. usually left empty for most of the year the apartments are used more like holidays homes which the locals are not too happy about. they consider the buildings and eyesore to the beach front, but that's progress.

Vero Beach Resort & Spa home to the tourists who want the best, this resort has been gifted five stars and the twenty rooms are fully booked all year round. the spa is open to the public but is included with any room booked at the resort.

the business district

built up from the ashes of the oldest part of the island, the business district is all modern glass buildings that scream high above anything else on the island. however from the locals protests the business district has a very central gentrified area and as you move out of the district they have re-purposed the old brick buildings into some Frankenstein builds - which have actually becomes quite a nice view.

places to go

while it's not much of a tourist spot, the business district is filled with workers from all over the place coming together for the daily grind:

the council building the tallest - and in some people's opinions - and the ugliest building in the central part of the district is the council building. here you can find the mayor and the councillors that represent the island as a whole. while they says it's open to everyone, you do have to make an appointment and it might take a few weeks to actually see anyone.

weekly farmers market an extension of the seafood market, this market includes everything from foreign food stalls to flower arrangements to knockoff gadgets. you can get anything for cheap - but it might not always be what it seems.

isle college of science and arts after the years of protest from the local people, the government allowed a grant for a small college to spring up on the island to provide further education for those that want it. it offers a wide variety of courses and even runs a night school for the adults that missed out. on the site of an old office block the college is over ten floors rather than being spread out and they share their grounds with the local soccer team.

places to eat

cheap, quick and easy to eat is the name of the game in this district. pop up fast food and coffee shops is all you can find here:

fast food the lone starbucks and mcdonalds is really what brings tourists up to the business district. most chains die in their first year of operation but the familiarity of these two brands keeps them alive for the morning commuters and for people who just know what they like.

the kitchen a small boutique-style cafe in the heart of the district is perfect for the person on the go. with a selection of pre-made sandwiches you can grab it and eat. but there is also space for a relaxed sit-down meal, perfect for first dates.

places to live

oakland these small apartments are far too expensive for their size. used mostly for the local businessmen they're a nice place to live for one or two people - three is far too many for the space and some would say that two is too many!

beaulieu village student accommodation at its finest this little cluster of apartment blocks. while the ideas for fraternities and sororities are more a mainland thing the university does try to keep like minded people clustered together. each building has its own kitchen, dining room and living space with maximum three people per room.

the historical district

the original part of the island has mostly intact, saved by generous donations from the richest residence, even if the houses have been converted into shops or offices they still are very much in keeping with the local aesthetic.

places to go

the ruins up on the hill is an abandoned manor house, apparently home to the first inhabitants of the island. it's said to be haunted - but isn't everything these days? why not take an ouija board and a torch and find out for yourself?

oswald bowl take a trip to the time warp of a bowling alley. nestled in the middle of a residential street the alley is only five lanes and works on a first come first serve basis. the carpet looks like it's been there from the fifties and the neon lights haven't worked since 1977.

tulgey woodfollow the hiking and mountain biking trails through the forest - and don't forget a picnic. with the sights of the wilderness it takes a day or two to go around the whole woods. you can buy a permit from the ranger to wild camp - but strictly no fires.

places to eat

family run restaurants and small coffee shops are all that's in the heart of the district. anything fancy or with a big name attached to it and you'll have to go elsewhere. it's common for most of the restaurants to close early on the weekends so they're better for a visit during the week.

places to live

cecelia avenue most people would refer to these residences as rickety old cottages. usually filled with grumpy pensioners the small houses have small gardens and small misshapen rooms, there are no straight walls here. traditionally two rooms downstairs and two upstairs they're becoming more popular with first-time buyers and small families

litwak lane a little sturdier than the other cottages this new development is in keeping with the local aesthetic but it's much easier to put a shelf up. with smart, eco-friendly builds they're the step up from their crumbling counterparts however they do have a price to match.

the isle district

the residential build around the island. it's safe, neat and well looked after. the residence all know each other and look out for one another like a small community within the district. there are small kids parks and dog parks as well as a public pool to visit.

places to go

splash! a small public pool with a wave machine, a sauna and a hot tub. open all year round this indoor pool also hosts a number of exercise clubs and swimming lessons for those that need it.

the park with swings, slides and various other kiddie play things, the park is a wide open space perfect for dog walkers.

pinewood zoo this family-owned zoo has been a salvation for many animals over the years. they have offered a new, loving home to animals who weren't well suited in their previous homes. the staff prides themselves on providing the best care for these animals, but they also rely heavily on your support and donations.

places to live

maddison apartments these family sized builds are split into two apartments per building with three bedrooms each they're spacious and look out over the wonderful countryside. with shared green space it's a perfect spot for a growing household and even the rented apartments allow pets!

anderson complex designed to be it's own little village the anderson complex was designed by a local man who wanted the sense of community back on the island. with little corner shops nearby and a stone's throw from the school these two and three bedroom houses are quickly snapped up.


the part of the town you all want to visit. downtown is the brights lights of las vegas without the thousands of people. it has a variety of different clubs and bars to accommodate all ages but during the day the area is like a ghost town and the locals tend to avoid it at all costs

places to go

bluebird cinema the small little independent screen doesn't show the latest movies and doesn't really show anything anyone wants to see and yet it still stands. hosing theme nights - where dressing up is mandatory - the cinema is the perfect place for a casual date.

places to live

st canard these grotty apartments are the cheapest around, being so close to the nightlife they're a haven for the younger generation but the crime rate is so high you might as well not lock your doors because someone is gonna smash it down anyway.

the square a bit further back from the bright lights of the strip, the square is a little more refined but no less dangerous. however at least here you can protect your belongings with a good lock.


route 33 the main road into the island - coming from the mainland the road has long since been too small to accommodate the amount of traffic. there is an underground rail system to speed up the process but for first timers there's nothing like driving up to oswald.

nomani mountain sat in the middle of the island a twin peaked mountain splits the space in two. while there are several hiking trails up to the summit it takes a lot more stamina than most people think and they flake out half-way up.

tripp river big enough to kayak on, the tripp river splits the island through the mountain. the water is cool in the summer and freezing in the winter. perfect for a refreshing dip, but nothing more!

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