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 * her love is my religion, alice avery liddell
kassidy evangeline harwood
she / her
Medical Resident
PRONOUNS: she / her
TIMEZONE: central
MSG NAME: rinn#1331
MSG CHOICE: discord

Springtime was beautiful in San Diego and Kassidy couldn’t feel luckier to be able to call it her home for at least another three years. Match day and the weeks leading up to it had been the most nerve-wracking of her life to date, but now, knowing that she got the hospital she wanted, that she’d be staying here with Alice and Levi….there was no better feeling. She loved them. She’d known for a while that she loved Alice, and it had come quickly with Levi, especially seeing how happy he made Alice too. But something had clicked for her recently. Something that made her feel like this was where she was meant to be, who she was meant to be.

Everything was going right for this moment in time, and Kass was going to savor every second.

So she walked, hand-in-hand with her girlfriend down the streets of the business district, window shopping and just enjoying the time they had to spend together. Levi was at work today, but would be joining them later for dinner, and until then they were free to shop and explore.

“Oh, you’d look so pretty in that!” Kass stopped and pointed at a mannequin in a window, dressed in a multi-colored mini-dress, the colors swirled together like a watercolor painting, each and every one a color Kass was sure she’d seen in Alice’s hair at one time or another.

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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution