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 ❥ the maybes, characters luna shouldn't make
adella serena waters
single and flirty
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hoping for tomorrow

The Witch



not sure

Emma Dumont


"I'm sorry, I don't know who you are, buzz off"

I'm tempted to make one of my favorite characters, especially after I dropped Ash. Rowan is a bit of a bitch, a bit of a loner, and a total brat. She also works as a psychic but she mostly tells people what they don't want to hear. Most of the money that she makes comes from being a professional matchmaker because she's good at picking up people's tells and relationship stuff and how they react to others and such. Shes just very good at reading people. I'd make her incertus I would think. I'd also be open to making her a villain. Mostly I just love this bitch of mine. Or, she likes to portray herself as such because people can hurt you. She was emancipated at 16 cause her mother ignored her, she was called a witch in high school and decided to pretend to be such, and her mother died when she was young. She relies on two best, soft, friends. Not sure I'd make her cause she's got a lot of similar notes to Rickey, and cause I dunno her spirit. Something witchy.

The Big Dude


Late 20's

The Emperor

not sure


I dropped him cause I made him for a plot that didn't go through but I do miss him. My Fynn. My big brother. Big man on campus type, the good guy who's a friend and tries to be, a goof, but also knows how to totally take charge and often does cause he thinks that someone should but he does so with a laugh. An architect who's made his mark on the San Diego skyline and now owns his own company. I dunno. I miss him and I dropped most of my dudes lol

in love with yesterday

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