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 bayley, lydia addison, san; meisa kuroki; meggles
lydia addison bayley
 Posted: Dec 3 2016, 10:45 PM
24 years
meisa kuroki
from princess mononoke
student/vet tech
meggles is Offline / 103 posts / she/her

lydia addison bayley
when you were born your shrill cries were the only sounds to fill the tiny hospital room. the doctors raised their brows at your mother's apparent disinterest in you but said nothing, chalking it up to exhaustion. the cold glint in her eyes could have hardly come from mere fatigue, though. all she saw when she looked at your small, squirming form was the husband that left her before she was even two months pregnant with you. others may have been able to get past such feelings and could have learned to love their child, but your mother was not one of those people. she stubbornly held grudges for years on end - a habit which you would inherit from her later on in life.

the chilly silence continued until you were finally taken home and your sister, sophia, got to meet you. she was only seven years old when you were born but she'd already been eager to be a big sister and - unlike your mother - immediately took an interest in you. your mother made note of this and would eventually come to take advantage of the fact. the woman cared for you enough to keep you alive but didn't dote upon you or put much effort into her actions. after a few years she had a third daughter, which is when she finally grew tired and dumped you on sophia without a second thought. you and sophia become inseparable and were best friends as well as sisters; even if your mother didn't care about either of you, at least you had each other's support.

once you were old enough to start school you had trouble adjusting. you went from having only your sister paying attention to you to having teachers watching your every move and classmates trying to befriend you. the change was an unwelcome one and you met any attempts to socialize with a glare that could rival your mother's. it didn't take long for people to take the hint that you wanted to be left alone. some of the children were scared of the looks you gave them and left you alone, whereas others grew bold and tested you. as children are want to do, your peers began to taunt and pick on you. it didn't bother you at first since you had always been a thick-skinned individual. but once they began to laugh at your sister for holding your hand and walking you to class every day, their words started to get to you.

you were eight the first time you land yourself in the principal's office because of it. a boy in your class had been stupid enough to roughly poke your cheek as he made fun of you so you'd bitten his hand as hard as you could. he hadn't bled that much but he cried and screamed so loudly that you were suspended for several days. rather than discourage the other children, this incident merely spurred them on and caused them to bother you even more than they had before. it took what little willpower you possessed to not lash out at every minor provocation but you refrained from resorting to violence (most of the time) because sophia always chided you for reacting to their childishness.

your behavior didn't change much as you made your way through middle and high school. teachers often sent home complaints about your attitude problem and you found yourself in detention more often than in attendance of class. for a while you were forced to visit the guidance counselor once a week to "talk through your problems". but that was the issue: you didn't like talking about your thoughts, feelings, problems - anything, really. it was simply in your nature to solve your problems with your fists instead of your words; your anger and hatred were difficult to reign in.

somehow you still managed to graduate, thanks in part to your decent grades but mostly because sophia always managed to smooth things over with the school when you acted out. you skipped the graduation ceremony because it was a waste of time and you didn't want to see your classmates another day if you could help it. the joy you felt at being finished with schooling was short-lived, however, as your mother declared that you would be attending college. you dug in your heels and tried to fight back on the matter but the decision was never yours to make. sophia was kicked out along with you and although you insisted upon staying with her, she thought you should further your education. so, you acquiesced.

college was exactly what you'd expected. people were still stupid, loud, and obnoxious and classes were still extremely boring. school had never interested you and now that you had nobody living with you to force you to do any work, your grades plummeted. you did just enough to pass and gladly accepted all failing marks for participation. yet despite having a rough time you miraculously made it to midterms without getting into any major trouble. your luck quickly changed once exams started up and there was a mandatory paired assignment in one of your classes. you were partnered with the class douchebag and the combination of stress from midterms mixed with your trademark antipathy spelled out your downfall.

a simple argument between the two of you escalated until more than just insults were thrown. the fight brought you to the dean's office for the first and final time. you took your expulsion without protest, as you were too focused on the asshole you'd given a black eye to. the smug sense of satisfaction you felt from getting him kicked out alongside you blinded you to whatever consequences would follow. the call you received from your mother the next day, however, swiftly brought you back to reality. she'd cut off your access to your bank account and vowed to have nothing to do with you after this newest stunt you'd pulled. you had no money and nowhere to go, since you were too ashamed to face sophia for fear that she would also give up on you.

to many, this challenge would have been too much to handle; to you, it was a simple reminder that you could only rely on yourself. you were a fighter. no matter how many times you were thrown to the wolves, you would always find a way to survive and come out on top. nearly three years passed that you still don't speak of, a time when you had done anything necessary to make it by. slowly you became more and more numb to your humanity and reacted to others like a feral beast: snarling and snapping your teeth. everything you did was reckless and it was only a matter of time before you would have found yourself in a situation you couldn't fight your way out of.

the thing that saved you was, oddly enough, a puppy. you'd come across the injured animal in a dirty back alleyway one night, having seemingly been abused and abandoned. maybe it was because the dog slightly resembled a white wolf that you were reminded of your sister that you hadn't seen in so long, as she had called you a "wolf child", that made you feel a pang of sympathy towards it. when you went to pick up the pup it growled and bit your hand, just like you had done to your classmate way back in grade school. the mirroring of actions made you realize how foolish you had been acting. you were the same as this dog, responding to everything with blinding rage even when you were in need of help.

you ignored the blood that flowed from the bite marks now pocking your fingers and made your way to the nearest vet's office. all that mattered to you in that moment was making sure the puppy would be alright, so you sat quietly in the twenty-four hour clinic all night while the emergency veterinarian tended to the wounds of the animal. when you were questioned if the dog was yours you had stated that you'd stumbled upon it but that it was yours now. there was no room for discussion and nobody would be able to take your new furry companion away from you.

shortly after adopting the dog, whom you named moro, you decided to journey back to san diego. you were suddenly overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions and all you wanted was to be reunited with your sister. once you found your way back to her the two of you went back to living together and you returned to school, wanting to study to become a veterinary yourself. things went well for a while until your wild instincts kicked back in. you were hardly back a year before your inner wolf reared its head and caused you strife, as well as making you miss your freedom to roam.

you disappeared without a word in order to wander once more and were gone for almost another full year. leaving this second time was harder than the first time but it gave you the time to sort through your thoughts properly. you realized how much you missed the friends you'd made and the life you'd just begun to settle into. you're not sure if you'll be welcomed home as you were the last time, given the circumstances, but you were never one to shy away from conflict. you have always met any hardships head on and you have always come out alive. for you are a wolf: strong and fearless. nothing can stand in your way.
san from princess mononoke
occupation: student/vet tech
pronouns: she/her
birthday: april 6th
age: twenty-three
face claim: meisa kuroki
membergroup: incertus
5 positive traits: independent / loyal / resourceful / unrelenting / vigilant
5 negative traits: blunt / cynical / irritable / reckless / stubborn
played by meggles
combat the wombat
 Posted: Dec 4 2016, 09:44 AM
21 years
a cutie
from team instinct
being sleepy
straight af
combat shotgun is Offline / 150 posts / queen

You already know how much I adore Lydia, and how happy I am to have you back <333 I swear you made her wilder than she already is but tbh how much more feral can she get really lmao. Anywho, I'm delighted that she has decided to return to San Diego, as she has a hella people who have been nothing but worried about her, and now she'll have the opportunity to reconnect with them...even if she is going to have a whale of a time doing it because we all know how well she fares with emotions. Welcome back, and don't forget your claims!!
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