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bryan roscoe woods
biology teacher
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
bryan roscoe woods
high school science teacher - 27


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like sharks, but worse with old cluster
someone new with della waters
what a wonderful world with paxton walker
chase your shadow with lily savarra
forget the world with remy jung
roadblasters with lana fa
eat some cake with remy jung
gotta catch them all with remy jung
i'll be there for you with lily savarra
through the unimaginable with remy jung
when will i learn with remy jung
live this nightmare with remy jung

past threads
bulletproof with sadie briar
shining up to the sky with jake james
don't mean to taunt ya with jaymee townsend
hand in hand with jaymee townsend
live without you with jaymee townsend
friendly neighborhood convention with alexander miura
do my thang with zarina hunter
unkiss me with jaymess townsend
like a virgin with ainsley robinson
we have traveled land and sea with jaymee townsend
charmed with jaymee townsend
best way to spread christmas cheer with jaymee townsend
wish you would with jaymee townsend
don't grow up with jake james
throw cares away with zarina hunter
finer things in life with ainsley robinson
o-o-h child with jaymee townsend
feet are still with jaymee townsend
run for cover with lily savarra
back to the start with seeley foster
i get by with conrad blythe
i think i had a heart attack with aubrey everett
ever ever after with leah thornton
tossing and turning with minjoon han
quiet in the library with leah thornton
dreaming in color with ella spiros
i'm going on an adventure! with aeden knowles
pancakes & waffles with remy jung
picking up the spare with dimitri everett and jesse valentin
be the one tonight with lux sheridan

nathaniel christian jackson
nate or nathan
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
nathaniel christian jackson
photographer - 36


current threads
chasing the surf with violetta everett
strings attached with rhiannon renard
bright lights with rhiannon renard
sun won't shine with rhiannon renard
september saw a month of tears with rhiannon renard
we'll be outlaws with ava byul
be my stone with ava jung
no questions asked with alyssa shepherd
deluge with rhiannon renard
harder to breathe with ava jung
expecto patronum with ava jung
covered in paint with violetta everett
lay it all on me with nala dijkstra
baby, pull me closer with ava jung
white noise with julien laurent
about u with nala dijkstra
heart of glass with julien laurent
hard to say goodbye with ava jung
imitation game with beckett balton
i'm on my way with nala dijkstra
ocean eyes with ava jung
love is so nice with ava jung
only angel with ava jung
do the bunny hop with ava jung
tale as old as time with isabeau santos
in between with ava jung
what lovers do with ava jung
come tumbling down with art quesada
normal is vastly overrated with bo santos

past threads
baby be mine with sadie jackson
wake me up with sadie jackson
brushing off the dust with sadie jackson
trouble is brewing with samson cleveland
i forgive you with sadie jackson
just a dream with sadie jackson
the other side with sadie jackson
wrecking ball with sadie jackson
popping in with dimitri everett & vee everett
burning red with sadie jackson
the silence with jezebel tagger
marchin' on with sadie jackson
old favorite song with sadie jackson
words unsaid with jezebal tagger
and i'm just a flattered fool with amelia macarthur
bang bang with hudson o'malley
all i want for christmas with sadie jackson
stars to snow with sadie jackson
made a baby with sadie jackson
i'm only human with jezebel tagger
well isn't this splendid with mai saejima
jagged little pill with sadie jackson
drive ourselves insane with sadie jackson
all these little elves with sadie jackson
painting in grays with violetta everett
extending an olive branch with jezebel tagger
so do i call you boss with serafina marshall
anger is a deadly emotion with serafina marshall
stop the protest with sadie jackson
you're my missing piece with jezebel tagger
i must be dreaming with sadie jackson
measure a year with sadie jackson
ashes and wine with sadie (sandy) briar
this love with sadie jackson
no world outside with sadie jackson
surprised to see me with jezebel tagger
it's been a while with rhiannon renard
it was always you with sadie jackson
a brother's advice with serafina marshall
let them eat cake with colton stiers
happy birthday with sadie jackson
i won't give up with sadie jackson
dancing in the moonlight with sadie jackson
remember me trying to play sports with jezebel tagger
help me through this darkness with serafina marshall
you always this big of an ass with jezebel tagger
haunted chaos with everetts
beautiful soul with sadie jackson
my heart was beating with sadie jackson
bestie night in with jezebel tagger
knock me down with jezebel tagger
this is it with sadie jackson & serafina marshall & ty robinson
sleeping giants with samson cleveland
just a dream with sadie jackson
love me like you do with sadie jackson
hope for the hopeless with jezebel tagger
waiting for superman with sadie jackson
another winter day with jacksons & everetts
interstellar with sadie jackson
my memories with jezebel tagger
livin on a prayer with sadie jackson
stuck in reverse with rhiannon renard
take my word for it with joseph shepherd
first date with sadie jackson
you hold me tight with sadie jackson
hope i die on a saturday night with sadie jackson
paintbrushes and photographs with vee everett
god grant me the serenity with jezebel tagger
avalanche with clair harwood
all the cool kids with samson cleveland
in the pouring rain with sadie jackson
kiss me with sadie jackson
you'll always be my queen with sadie jackson
the way i do with sadie jackson
love shack with sadie jackson
been here before with jezebel tagger
dig up the bones with kayleigh sabre
adventure is out there with leah thornton
just like that with alma francisco
the amazing race with sadie jackson
we're electric with sadie jackson
pretend like it's the weekend with sadie jackson
play the part with samson cleveland
winter winds with sadie jackson
in your arms with sadie jackson
it's compromise with sadie jackson
a little practice with sadie jackson
command me with samson cleveland
16 years with sadie jackson
stardust with sadie jackson
not coming home with alma francisco
break the glass tonight with sadie jackson
coming back for more with sadie jackson
yoga style with sadie jackson
when i'm with you with sadie jackson
never be alone with sadie jackson
she can get it with sadie jackson
sweeter innocence with sadie jackson
all your edges with sadie jackson
falling into place with sadie jackson
precious time with sadie jackson
fill up my case with sadie jackson
chantaje with mandy jackson [i]
secret love song with ava jung [c]
they say we are what we are with clair harwood [i]
high times for low lives with tybalt robinson [i]
no problems here with dimitri everett [c]

beau forest rain
singer for the vagabonds
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
beau forest rain
musician - 36


tech and social here

current threads
voice of reason with bailey douglass
out of the woods with kennedy blythe
for a moment i forget about time with kennedy blythe
it's my party with kennedy blythe
welcome to new york with kennedy blythe
made of honour with kennedy blythe
let's go little kitty cat with kennedy blythe
the girl at the rock show with kennedy blythe
time's supposed to heal with kennedy blythe
believe with kennedy blythe
gonna have some fun with kennedy blythe
supersymmetry with howell jenkins
shelter breaks with kennedy blythe
some kind of muted blue with kennedy blythe
come what may with kennedy blythe
the sweetest devotion with kennedy blythe
take me out to the ballgame with kennedy blythe
harmless rebellion with kennedy blythe
beautiful lies with kennedy blythe
reason to fly with kennedy blythe
time of our lives with jeremy davis
underneath the bearded barley with kennedy blythe
sake of love with kennedy blythe
musical sense & sensibility with jeremy davis
in this wild wild world with kennedy blythe
whispers on the street with conrad blythe
swinging from the fire escape with kennedy blythe
a dream your heart makes with nala dijkstra
skin & bone with declan phillips
ready to run with jj rain
sunshine with kennedy blythe
bibia be ye ye with kennedy blythe
i miss you with kennedy blythe
runnin' runnin' with jj rain
oops i did it again with kennedy blythe
stumbling with aquata waters

past threads
a day over with preston rain
never have to be alone with danielle renard
kiss tomorrow goodbye with danielle renard
call it trouble with preston rain
all the right moves with danielle renard
here i am waiting with danielle renard
do what u want with regina rhodes
i don't make plans with regina rhodes
there for you with preston rain
harmless fun with danielle renard
calling a friend, or so she thinks with jezebel tagger
ripping off the bandaid with casey hart
black cat crossing with danielle renard
shoot me down with danielle renard
if you only knew with danielle renard
put your weight behind it with danielle renard
life in color with rodney lachat
birthday hats with danielle renard
where i sleep with danielle renard
the boys are back with jordan rain
and if i'm not the best then you're stuck with danielle renard
frisk with rhiannon renard
song in my head with danielle renard
needing a brothers advice with casey hart
streets of gold with casey hart
what friends are for with madeline green
but i survived with danielle renard
bet you got picked last in gym with danielle renard
the line in the sand with danielle renard
the map that leads to you with leah thornton
this is my confessional with kathryn romanov
like a river with preston (priscilla) rain
saving smiles for you with danielle renard
not enough water in the world with lyssandra goodwin
like you do with danielle renard
got 99 problems, but you won't be one with gina topps
singing in the... house with danielle renard
high and dry with danielle renard
feels like home with danielle renard
fear street with danielle renard
coming back for you with danielle renard
follow the recipes of life with danielle renard/preston rain/madeline green
where did we go wrong with danielle renard
time for turkey with nick/maddie/emmett/preston/dani
daylight with lacey lamverto
*surface of the sun with rhiannon renard
ghosts with danielle renard
tide is high with danielle renard
i want that sugar sweet with danielle renard
i've got these feelings with danielle renard
you funny with peter pulley
wild with danielle renard
put it down on me with danielle renard
in case you were wondering with maddie green
fading fast with bailey douglass
through thick and thin with danielle renard
broken hearts with preston rain
blood is thicker with preston rain
streets of gold with casey everett
we are family with maddie green
painkiller with freya jaeger
one thing off the bucket list with maddie/declan
ready for a good time with kit davis
hey sexy lady with vanessa renard
it deserves our pity with freya jagger
i hope that you remember me with casey everett
you sound like a song with kennedy blythe
if i die young with kennedy blythe
dinner, drinks, a beau, and a cute bartender with madeline green
happily with kennedy blythe
maybe we can run with mk
we need to talk with mk
stick to the beat with rodney lachat
down and out with preston rain
a case of mistaken identities with leah thornton
haven't met you yet with harper s
this is the voice with callie anderson
if you apply some pressure with rodney lachat
marvelous night for a moondance with zarina hunter
babel with ebony gale
there is no feature, there is no past with alice liddell
i just wanna be a rockstar with benny hernandez
caught up in the moment with kennedy blythe
stressed out with preston rain
it's been a while with preston rain
i'm so sorry with preston rain
over your head with preston rain
dark paradise with preston rain

phoenix archer schuler
computer repair
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
phoenix archer schuler
hacker/computer repair tech - 27


current threads
twitterpatted with marian evans
unexpected shifts with marian evans
eleventh hour with marian evans
say it out loud with marian evans
baby i wanna marry you with marian evans
paint the skies with marian (martin) evans
it's always been you with marian evans
i can hear the bells with marian schuler
love goes on & on with marian schuler
this little light with marian schuler
never forgotten with marian schuler
halloween truths with marian schuler
design your universe with raven haines & marian schuler
this is your song with marian schuler
tainted mysteries with marian schuler
i'll follow you with seth townsend
right hand man with raven haines
with my love with marian schuler

past threads
remember me? with marian evans
classic with riviera averman
i had me a girl with marian evans
only for today with elsa klauson
for science? with chase clarke
the christmas gift with marian evans
nothing change at all with riveiera averman
the unexpected valetine's with marian evans
you complete me with marian (martin) evans
at the end of the night with kaia argyris
the outlaw and the lady with marian evans
dreams and coffee with alanna triane
i solemnly swear that i am up to no good with chase clarke
here's the truth with marian evans
everything is awesome with rosie thomas
a month and counting with marian evans
thrill of carnaval with marian evans
dance all night with callie forrester
sweet as an apple with marian evans
just curious with marian evans
baby makes three with marian evans (martin evans)
sweet as pie with rosie thomas
absence makes the heart grow fonder with marian evans
simple catch up with marian evans
brand new start with nolah jamison
better than ice cream with nolah jamison
dearly beloved with willis chung
leave you breathless with annie chung
lost at sea with raven haines
almost easy with raven haines
the honor of your love with marian evans
continuing the path with marian evans
lean on me with kinsley gardner
adventure of a lifetime with annie chung
only us with marian evans
christmas for two with marian evans
make your hands clap with zixin liu
sigh no more with raven haines

chloe anne davis
fashion designer
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
chloe anne davis
student/fasion designer -21


one of us with cassidy chronis

current threads
afterglow with willis chung
cool and calm with nell durst
bah humbug with vee everett
late nights, little sleep with willis chung
put your hands in the air with willis chung
push it down with marnie davis
ashes of eden with willis chung
transparency with jeremy davis
bit of sun, bit of fun with nell durst
reign me in with willis chung
ultralight beam with willis chung
offbeat with estelle song
live for the applause with jazz morgenson
get high like paper with andy waters
sheer heart attack with willis chung
all that glamour with pacifica northwest

past threads
vroom vroom vroom with robert davis
technoligically inept with calliope forrester
entertain me with josephine deveroux
take it off my hands with open
something about the sunshine with young ladies
things go wrong with angelina eden
upside down, bouncing off the ceiling with minjoon han
stuck inbetween with joseph shepard
so much better than with belle rex
give me a cheer with vee/callie
if i could then i would scream with alana waters
the lion sleeps with david matthews
light it up with elaine mode
this is halloween with robbie davis
runway with regina
world without maps with tobias lieber
blaze it with andy waters
don't believe me with robert davis
fire burning with rhiannon renard
come with me now with vivien telford
sigh no more with willis chung
blossoming crowd with young crowd
pounding in my skull with nico goodfellow
it started with a whisper with megan banks
ships in the night with robbie davis
skip the drama with kit davis
bad blood with lilly brenton
i've got spurs that jingle jangle with marine davis
an actress and her costume assistant with zarina hunter
i see fire with nico goodfellow
dip into my daydreams with willis chung
it's clear to see with robbie davis
strings with willis chung
felt the eventide with marnie davis
the unconventional surprises with hiro irino

gabriel emory shaw
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
gabriel emory shaw
cardiac surgeon - 33


girl crush with cassidy chronis

current threads
heart shake, bend and break with emmett castle
knock me out, knock me out with emmett castle
world in our hands with kassidy harwood
want to be unlost with emmett castle
round & round with emmett castle
magical memories with emmett castle
give a little more with ava jung
tangled with lana fa
i just wanna with lana fa
sweet summer bbq with ava jung
opposites with ava jung
fire, fire with raven haines
seven second surgery with taketora alden
i'm free, free falling with ava jung
hovering just high enough with ava jung
you stole diamonds with xio sanchez
cough syrup with louise berger
same old story with seiji matsuda
hounding & hunting with lysias adis
stupid destruction with louise berger
blow your mind (mwah) with louise berger

past threads
i got some news for you with emmett castle
move along with reagan kelly
late night television with alyssa shepherd
the hardest part with emmett castle
the skies do not fall with emmett castle
come with me now with rowan dunbroch
battlefield with astrid ashworth
hut my sister i'll hurt you with leah thornton
bottoms up with xavier ochoa
nobody knows with ainsley robinson
happyish hour with xavier ochoa
oh.my.god. with arista waters
it's coming! the baby's coming with emmett castle & everyone
tell me someone's out there with lacey lamverto
soft kitty with charlotte barclay
staring at the sky with lena ochoa
gotta bleed with charlotte barclay
lost without a clue with jezebel tagger
hold your breath with vanessa renard
back in black with xio sanchez
city of sin, regret and drunken weddings with leah thornton
monster in the dark with oliver finkelstein
chasing cars with emmett castle
warm kitty, little ball of fur with charlotte barclay
cry baby with emmett castle
stay with me with talia
two peas in a pod with aubrey everett
fix you with evangeline reyes
nightingale with liliana leandro
seven year hitch with charlotte barclay
i'm not the only one with emmett & declan
50 feet tall with jade eastwood
hold your breath with emmett & declan
i don't wanna jinx it with emmett castle
one day more with twd crew
castle on the hill with asher todd

jocelyn noelle soloman
joce or lyn
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
jocelyn noelle soloman
dentist - 32



current threads
hey delilah with alexander miura
berlin, berlin with ava jung
saturated sunrise with victor aldrich
teardrop on fire with theodore kuriyama
shot at the night with theodore kuriyama
no time like the present with tybalt robinson
let's do this again soon with lily savarra
in the universe with theodore kuriyama
thunder with ainsley adams
bright beautiful tomorrow with riku hoshinyama
coffee and smiles with bo santos
show me a smile with logan blythe
broken smiles not allowed with riku hoshinyama

past threads
keep your hands with seeley foster
you're a king and i'm a lionheart with jackson everett
i miss missing you now and then with jer carlisle
baby your a firework with erik butler
get on up with alexander miura
books and wine with book club
american beauty with jer carlisle
i should have quit with jer carlisle
jinglebell rock with alexander miura
three strikes your out with aiden knight
mani pedi with della waters
animal with erik butler
interstellar with jer carlisle
like the 4th of july with aurelia wang
as the sea calls with aurora d
red stars with aurelia wang
can't feel my face with tybalt robinson
swing swing with victor aldrich
all we ever knew with riku hoshiyama
alive again with tybalt robinson
what's this with tybalt robinson
tender curiosity with tybalt robinson
oh no with tybalt robinson

owen louie valentin
security guard
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
owen louie valentin
security - 37


current threads
take me to another place with attina waters
love like roses with attina waters
wild youth with attina waters
winterbreak with attina waters
halcyon with attina waters
came back for you with serenity fynch
where love lies with attina waters
seven devils around you with attina waters
vessel with attina waters
roots with attina waters

past threads
seal my fate with harper smollett
will you still love me with attina waters
roaring thunder with angie valentin
endless road to rediscover with river
cause i'm broken and open with harper smollett
mutant and proud with sally pride
your bones with attina waters
begin again with alana waters
hello with ariel waters
guardian angel with joy eastwood
haunt like a hummingbird with attina waters
suite with attina waters
thinking out loud with benjamin madison

thea aisha robinson
law secretary
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
thea aisha robinson
law firm secretary - 26


surfs away with cassidy chronis

current threads
soaking up the sun with ayden robinson
call of the sea with hiro irino
we are diamonds taking shape with julien laurent
spin it around with bellamy panell
not quite there yet with ayden robinson
falling apart with miles ashford
fish house with victoria hawthrone
young, scrappy & hungry with kennedy blythe
trick-o-treat with ayden robinson
follow my lead with ava jung
brush them off like paper cuts with samson wyer
crashing waves with campbell otto
honey bear with xavier pride
in the shallows with robinson family
livin' the dream with kenny robinson

past threads
come with me now with joy mizelli
time for a lesson with nolah jamison
travel plans with jake james
friends are always there with zarina hunter
as the world falls down with wolfram meadows
if you got it, flaunt it with joy eastwood
storming in the season with dacey abbey
i can remember that with miles ashford
top of the world with tybalt robinson
winter sontana with robinson family

shawn michael blythe
gym owner
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
shawn michael blythe
gym owner - 41


current threads
avalanche with bernie blythe
coffee soundtrack with kenny blythe
ice ice baby with kenny blythe
baby, baby, baby, oh with ava jung
in the wilderness with blythe family
forever and ever with spencer o'connor
upside down with spencer o'connor
will you have peace with maverick o'connor
feeling good with spencer o'connor
and i will always love you with spencer o'connor
story of my life with kennedy blythe
we found the groove with logan blythe
aloha with spencer blythe

past threads
our anthem with breena bennett
racing through the night with open
99 problems with zarina hunter
feel all right with riley blythe-hope
i just want you here tonight with breena bennett
rocking around the christmas tree with blythe christmas
under the mistletoe with breena bennett
someone like you with breena bennett
on this journey with kenny blythe

hunter jae beverly-robinson
kindergarten teacher
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
hunter jae beverly
kindergarten teacher -24


current threads
let's go fly a kite with thad robinson
break it down with sienna sabre
want to make you mine with thad robinson
i'm not afriad to fall with vee everett
shooting some b-ball with kay sabre
run, run, run with ash nox
trying to find some color with thad robinson
running on empty with natalie corvino
little turned around with violetta everett
lost causes with kayleigh sabre
show you the world with thad robinson
i walk the line with thad robinson
you'll float too with thad robinson
bouncing off the ceilings with ayden robinson
in love with the shape of you with thad robinson

past threads
seven devils with rafael ottmar
parties and confetti with thad robinson
totally not a birthday visit with mickey castle
dust of that halo with aylen navarro
splish splash with tybalt robinson

miguel acosta reyes
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
miguel acosta reyes
architect - 28


current threads
just because we're young with bernard blythe
always save the day with lana fa
may the odds... with lana fa
despacito with lennon sinclair
oh, mi corazon with lana fa
subeme la radio with lana fa
bailando with camila snow

past threads
flying high with xander ward [i]
angel in the snow with samson wyer [i]

valentina grace north
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
valentina grace north
nurse - 32


current threads
stardust with nicholas north
shiny new things with nicholas north
big shot with rosie thomas
around u with emmett castle
the clock's ticking with mason silver
settle down my love with nicholas north
summer time sweets with mai saejima

past threads
reunited with charlotte beauregard [i]

levi haruto castelo
graphic designer
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
levi haruto castelo
graphic designer - 24


current threads
pink butterflies with alice & kass
my my sharona with alice liddell
rainbows in the summertime with alice & kass
the way we are with alice & kass
curiosity killed the... with adella waters
light hearted joy with adella waters
wanna be loved with kassidy harwood
everywhere i go with alana waters
i'll be right there with theodore kuriyama
clouds with october harwood

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come a little closer with cassidy chronis [i]

anne rosemary lloyd
PRONOUNS: she/her
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anne rosemary lloyd
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a wonderful trick with adella waters
follow the yellow brick road with aquata waters
highway to... nowhere with tybalt robinson
some people call me with andrina waters
wind in my hair with ariel waters

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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution