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 hoshiyama, riku, geo stelar || shori sato || draco
riku hoshiyama
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riku hoshiyama
riku: japanese name meaning "land"
hoshiyama: japanese surname which means "star mountain"

geo's name was taken from the meaning of the earth - 'geographical'. his last name, stelar, was taken from the stars. for riku, a similar approach was taken, with his first being 'land', and his last being 'star mountain'. the names themselves were derived from the fact that mega man defends the earth, and the source of his power in "star force" was taken from that of omega-xis, who orginated from space, and had traveled from the stars.

tw: depression, situational depression


at first, riku hoshiyama's life was perfect. he had loving parents, he was an only child, and they gushed and appreciated every second of their lives for their son and what joy he had brought to their life. he swallowed up their love and became a caring and loving person himself, loving each and every friend and holding them dear to his heart. riku loved people. he loved knowing that people cared for him, and loved knowing that each of his friends were appreciated.

that all changed when his father got a job offer for a big company out in san diego, so the family moved from san francisco, and riku - though upset that they'd be moving from the city he so loved - was excited for a change of scenery and a chance to get to know new people. it was something that he tried to see the upside too, but the move changed so much that he could only grow to dislike the city for what it was doing to his family.

his father worked long shifts. he wasn't sure exactly what his father did - all he knew was that he was a scientist by trade. but, whatever he was doing, it ensured that his father was rarely at home. his mother, meanwhile, was a home maker, and stayed at hometo take care of him and to tend to the house. she was perfectly content with their life, so riku tried his best to stay as happy as he could.

but then his mother became sick. his father was horrified, and did everything that he could to make sure that his wife was tended for and the bills were paid. his father never spoke to riku about what was wrong with his mother - but truthfully, looking back, it was obvious now that she had some form of cancer. his mother didn't make it. his father never got over it, and really, as much as riku could pretend, he didn't really either.

it should have been obvious to his father, really, that someone was wrong with riku. but his father was only ever observant in terms of anything related to whatever it had been that he had been studying. though he tried to make an effort and tried to understand, he never quite clued in that riku was slowly descending into a pit of darkness and despair. the loss of his mother and the distance of the father that he looked up to were hard on him, and he was young. he was only ten years old, and the world was expecting him to just stand up on his feet, tie his shoes, and continue on with life.

riku was ten when he first played hooky, and riku was eleven when his father dived right back into his work, not even answering phone calls from the school whenever riku decided to not go to school that day. it didn't take long for the cps to get involved, and though they consistently tried to get his father to try and pay attention to his son, the inevitable happened.

when riku was twelve, his father disappeared completely.

with his mother dead and his father completely out of the picture, riku's custody went to the cps. his general behaviour landed him as a child that constantly moved between homes, as no one wanted to put up with a moody preteen, that constantly skipped school and generally didn't feel like getting to know anyone. there came a point for every foster parent he had where they just couldn't take it anymore.

in his teen years, riku's skipping of school only became worse. eventually, even his health began to take a toll as his depression only sank more and more and he began to eat less and less. with the stigma of a mental illness and the knowledge that he had a history of skipping school and generally avoiding social situations, most foster parents and people involved with the system weren't sure that to do with him.

now riku is sixteen. and he's met his match when it comes to foster parents.

jocelyn soloman was her name. she perplexed riku like no one else had before. she was all smiles, all loving and supportive, and tried to understand riku's thoughts. she made sure to make breakfast every morning for him, to the point that eventually he felt bad when he didn't eat it. jocelyn had him eating regularly in the morning again within months of him moving in with her. he didn't understand why she was so drawn to get him to smile, but he found that he cared for her a great deal...

... and wanted to protect hers.


riku is a puzzle. at the core, he is someone that cares a great deal about the people that he loves and holds dear to his heart. he'd be willing to give up anything for anybody that needs it, whether it be the food off his own plate or the money out of his wallet. he's loyal, and always stands by friends sides and hates deciding between them in case of a dispute, to the point that he usually backs out and decides to not vote. but, on the same hand, he is a moody boy. he suffers from a form of depression caused by the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, not understanding why his father just up and left, while not truly having gotten over that his mother had died of cancer. he's reckless and impulsive, never putting the state of his own being into account when jumping into action, and keeps himself distant from others, preferring to stay away from people. he's learned that those he cares about, no matter how much he loves them, will always leave him in the end.

geo stelar was the first and only truly human mega man, and he showed it through his traits with a wide diversity of human traits and emotional responses to the things that happened around him. thanks in part to his father's disappearance up in space, he suffered a form of depression and refused to go to school, distancing himself from the world and isolating himself from everything except the science that could help him find his father. however, he was a selfless kid, as well as extremely reckless, and would go to any lengths to protect the earth once he became mega man, even nearly getting stranded in space himself just as his father before him.


riku's tips:
- he has played many mega man games, especially the one where his own spirit originates from. he is, however, unaware of the animes.
- he is particularly fond of video games, specifically capcom, sega and nintendo. he owns a copy of the 3ds version of super smash bros and mains mega man.
- he is not much of a television watcher, but will watch a series if he hears good things about it from people who's opinions he values.
- he wishes to investigate what his father was involved in when he disappeared.
- he is particularly fond of stargazing and watching the skies, and has an interest in learning astronomy, but hasn't had the drive to really begin yet.
- sometimes, he feels like he is missing an important friend. this originates from geo's close companionship with omega-xis, who riku does not yet know in this life.
- he is immensely fond of animals.

geo stelar / mega man from mega man star force
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played by draco
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Draco, I'm thrilled that you are back and that you've brought Riku back!!! I really can't wait to see him around the site again! This precious little soul who is broken, but slowly healing and getting better. I can't wait to see more for him and how he continues to change and grow! Welcome back!! Don't forget to make your claims!<33

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