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erin's a superhero!
 Posted: Sep 30 2017, 08:14 PM

erin's a superhero!

elf from kiss me i'm irish






cat lady

face claim:




erin is Offline

she/her ♦ 972 posts ♦ 68000 points

point system
automatic points
registering - 5000 points
new topic - 1000 points
reply to thread - 2000 points
over 30 replies in a topic - 3000 points
additional points
write a development post for you character - 2000 points per prompt
suggestions for the site - 5000 points (can only be added to one character)
completing a cell thread - 1000 points
complete thread - 5000 points
start an open thread - 2500 points
take open thread - 3000 points
participate in site event thread - 2500 points

have a character aged 16 to 18 - 2000 points/character
have a character aged 40 to 49 - 2500 points/character
have a character aged 50 or older - 5000 points/character

recruit new member - 10,000 points (one account or split)

complete activity check on time - 10,000 points/per ac (on one account or split. this does not account for amount of characters saved.)

competition winner - 5000 points
second place - 2500 points
third place - 1000 points

redeeming points
new character (3-5) - 25,000 *
new character (6-10) - 50,000 *
new character (11-15) - 75,000 *
new character (16-20) - 100,000 *

pin shipper for a month - 20,000 points
pin want ad for a month - 20,000 points

custom plot button - 40,000 points
custom icon (coloured) - 50,000 points
custom icon (coloured + gif/text) - 100,000 points
custom sig - 100,000 points
ship gifs - 70,000 points

activity check pass for ONE character - 100,000 points

* For a new character you need to subtract points from all of your accounts that add up to the correct total.


[fant][b]character name:[/b]
[b]points redeeming:[/b] reason and link
[b]points spending:[/b] reason (if it's for a new character give all the amounts you wish to spend on each account)[/fant]

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