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 Bastille, Erica Sonnet, calcifer - Skye Stracke - Luna
erica sonnet bastille
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skye stracke


erica sonnet bastille

Who is Erica Sonnet Bastille? For starters, she’ll invite you to call her Rickey, though she’ll answer to Erica. Here is a summary of her character told through 10 of her most important memories, a collection of 7 deadly sins or heavenly virtues, and 3 contradictions.

10. Realizing where her heart is beginning to lie. A fairly recent memory, but an important one nonetheless.

Rickey smirked and leaned her chin onto her fist, leaning forward a bit in the New York café she was currently camped out in with company. She enjoyed these cafes, they were fun. So much people watching to do, which was in fact what she was currently doing. She was studying the latest fascination. ”Yeah, she’s pretty enough, but she would bore me in five minutes. I guess that does make her perfect for you, huh?” she teased, with a grin. God, she always felt good to tease, to be open. Very few people got that from her, ever. Two in fact ever did. One was the subject of her thoughts lately.

She sighed and took another long sip of her tea, scanning the crowd. All the girls here bored her, weren’t they supposed to be exciting? She had just broke it off with her latest girlfriend, no one could catch her attention long enough. She just felt like no one was right for her anymore, they just were distractions more often then they were actually anyone she wanted to talk to. Maybe she should just retreat back to the sunny beaches of San Diego. At least there her girlfriends didn’t bore her and Soph was there. God she missed her too. Soph. God. She shook her head, her thoughts had been on Sophia too often lately, it made her wonder…but no. No. Sophia was straight as she had told herself in high school when the first signs of a crush cropped up. But that apparently didn’t stop said crush from popping up again.

Maybe she should move. Seeing Sophia again a lot might put it out of her mind. Weird as that was. But she had a good job, and she enjoyed it. She was young but she had graduated early and being the agent for a rising star had gotten her some nice perks. Absently she ran her fingers through her hair—a pale blonde that ombred to pink, perhaps impractical for her job but she didn’t give a shit—she had only just started that job, to be honest, though she enjoyed it. She was only 23 but that hadn’t stopped her. She thought she got it on request but oh well, she wasn’t too proud to ignore that. She was proud, obviously, it was one of her faults. But she could admit it was a deal she couldn’t have passed up. ”I’m so done with this cold, lets go somewhere warm” she said, absently, her thoughts once again straying to the girl she left behind.

7. Lust or Purity - Lust

While Rickey is not, what some would call, loose. She’s most certainly not pure either. She’s not above one night stands, hell no. She finds them entertaining, fun, a good way to pass the time. She’s not some sweet little virgin and hasn’t been for a very long time. She has almost always known her sexuality, from a very young age, and has always been rather secure in it. She enjoys meeting flings, though real relationships are where her heart really lies. And when she’s in a relationship, well, she doesn’t suddenly become lovey dovey, no, she’s a hard and cold girl usually. But she makes no real secret about wanting to share her affection. She thrives on compliments and the like, and she is a rather sexual being, preferring to spend her time under the sheets more often than not.

9. Returning to San Diego

God she had missed the beach. Okay, so they had beaches back on the East Coast but there was something special about the beaches back home. Or maybe it was just that there was something special about being home. She was the sort that hated to be moved, she had set places she was from and that was that, she set up her hearth and that was all there was. She took a deep breath again and reveled in it. She was home, she felt wonderful. Oh lovely.

She had gone to see her sister—who had gotten her a dog for her new apartment claiming taking care of the dog would keep her from taking care of her sister, which was a lie. Rickey tended to take care of people, she was used to keeping her house moving as a kid.

The point ws that she was home, she was in San Diego again. She was debating what she wanted to do for a job—she could still be an agent and she was still contracted technically, but she wasn’t quite sure. She knew that she would have to figure that out sooner rather than later. But right now she was living off of her own stored money from work and mooching off of Soph, and it was damn cool to see her best friend again, and have her other best friend in the same city. She felt far more complete. Maybe that was part of it as well? Everyone was in one place.

She remembered what had been asked of her before she had left. ”Promise me you’ll come back” and her answer of ”I don’t make promises because she never did. But for this one, it seemed, she likely could have. It was lovely.

6. Gluttony or Temperance – Temperance

Rickey has always given up everything for her family. She went to work as soon as she could to help provide, especially after the loss of her father. She gave up her own food whenever they didn’t have enough, so that way her sister could have a bigger portion. It didn’t happen often but from time to time, it did. She made sure her mother made dinner, she ran the house, she kept everything moving and she wanted to be an agent because it meant she could still make sure others thrived, which is what she’s good at. She has never really gotten the chance to be a glutton. She is not perfectly giving, of course, she tends to make deals that would benefit her as well, whenever dealing with someone in her peer or age group. She likes to benefit herself as well. The giving soul only counts for those that have gotten into her inner shell. She may seem cold and uncaring but she has a heart, it’s just hidden and often doesn’t feel like her own.

She may not be perfectly wonderful and caring and all that but if one had to chose between gluttony and temperance, she definitely does not err on the side of being a glutton.

8. Her sister and herself have not always gotten along.

Rickey felt like her family just ate her life. She was seventeen years old with a job and a full time job at home taking care of her mother, on top of school and doing her deals and taking care of Soph which she did despite what her friend liked to tell her about it. She loved them all the same. Mama was often on some sort of a bender or off with some sort of a dude even though she had children to care for, though that was Rickey’s fault. Delphi happily told her that too. That if her sister had just not gone and made their mother tense by not being able to just do what her mother asked of her and not just had to have been a freak…

It had been the only time she had ever laid a hand on her little sister.

But she couldn’t help slapping her for calling Rickey a freak.

Delphi had cried, had apologized, had taken up a job after school then to apologize. Rickey apologized. She knew her little sister was repeating things her friends had heard their older siblings say. And she regretted it the moment that she had laid a hand on her sister, she wished she hadn’t done it. It had been an automatic reaction that had come from too much stress and not wanting to hear it at home as well as at school. But Delphi never said it again. And the one time that she had picked Delphi up from school—she had gotten out of work a bit early—and heard her defending her big sister it had swelled Rickey’s heart.

That didn’t mean life was easy.

5. Greed or Charity – Both

Much of this has probably been already explained in the blurb above when ti comes to the sins but, hey, it’s a set of sins or virtues. When it comes to whether or not Rickey is greedy or charitable, Rickey falls squarely in the middle. She is both charitable—she likes giving up pieces of herself to help those that she loves—and greedy—she likes when the deals she makes, both in high school and her job as an agent—benefit her just as much as it benefits the other person that she is doing the deal with.

She is no saint, not at all, she cares for her friends—of which there are two for the record—and her sister but beyond that she is very much so out for herself as much as she is out for others. It’s a weird balance with her. She also is a cop now, which means she does want to help people, and give herself to helping people but at the same time that is also greedy because it slowly lets her prove she can help people better than the cops used to help her and it slowly sooths the ache she has on the inside about being betrayed by the system, in doing it better. So she falls squarely in the middle when it comes to this set.

7. In which she starts to open up in college and how compliments affect her.

”You’re sort of amazing, you know” the other girl said, absently stroking her fingers through my hair and I can’t help but blush. A rare thing to be sure, though it happens often enough in certain situations. Such as compliments. They are rare for someone like me to receive, someone harsh and cold towards most people and they always seem to make me burn up on the inside, swell and grow and a grin. It makes me feel like I could burst open and feel wonderful. When I have someone I keep to myself, a relationship, I stop feeling so harsh and cold towards the world.

You really think so?” I ask, feeling confident, as I often do being that I rarely have ever doubted myself, not since the incident, but having to ask at the same time and she grins, pressing a kiss to my lips that swells my heart again, now that I feel like I’ve gotten it back. College has been good to me. It has opened me up and made me feel like I’m alive again. Or maybe it’s friendship, having another person I feel like I can share things with. Soph has always needed my protection, if you ask me, it’s nice to have a friend that I can rely on just as heavily as it is vice versa. College has helped me to open up again, and in this place I don’t have the judgement attached to me that I gained in high school, I’m not the freak I’m something special.

”Of course I do, love” she says and I beam, feeling it fill me again, feeling like I could move mountains for a moment, swelling and growing and being glad that my roommate is not around to interfere and get in the way. It means I have all this attention to myself. I grin. I nearly want to yell and shout to the world that I am loved, how silly is that? But its how I feel, each and every time someone recognizes who I am, what I can do. I never got it growing up except in rare circumstances, perhaps that’s where it comes from?

4. Sloth or Diligence – Diligence

This one’s rather easy. Rickey has always cared for her house, she’s a cop now, she was an agent, she has never stopped moving or being a person who is dedicated to diligence. The idea of sitting still literally makes her want to freak out and smack whoever has suggested that she should rest. Which is probably why it’s a good thing that her sister got her Akil, a Tamaskan who needs a hell of a lot of exercise because it’s her excuse to constantly be on the move. She really is bad at sitting still, it’s actually a problem because even when she’s sick she will keep herself moving more than she should and making herself worse. She needs people to make her stop and relax. Something that is often the job of her best friend these days who makes her go back to bed.

She just worries that things will fall apart when she stops, which perhaps is a little bit self centered in a way. But that is just how she thinks and she is making no bones about it, it’s just the fact of the matter.

6. In which Sophia convinces her to be a cop again.

She doubted her decision. Okay, to be fair, it had been Soph who had convinced her to do it, but it was because she had been talking about it all the damn time when she was in high school. But going to college, she had lost that. She had decided that she didn’t want to be a cop. And she could tell that they were doubting her too. She could see it. She refused to blame them. It wasn’t her fault, she knew what they were thinking. She probably had PTSD buried somewhere in her head after all. She freaked out sometimes for no reason. But dammit, she would prove them wrong. She was 26 years old, plenty young enough for a change.

Erica Sonnet Bastille! A booming voice caught her attention and she opened those eyes again, looking over at the council that had called for the next part of her exam in the whole damn process to make it onto the police force. Rickey she managed in a voice that felt like ice on her tongue. And one of them smiled at her. Rickey, he repeated, gently, and she ventured a smile. Your father was an amazing asset to the force, and your scores are very impressive as well he told her, smiling kindly and she grinned a tiny bit, feeling that proud feeling venture up, bubble up in her chest.

She had passed the written test, the physical abilities test, the background investigation had been a breeze thanks to her father and the fact that she had known so many of these officers growing up, and they knew her as the spunky little kid, but they also knew what had happened to her. Which had caused a bit of a hiccup in the polygraph test. Which would be putting it lghtly. She couldn’t honestly say she always had respect for the force, they had failed her. Now she was on to the Interview, the Appointing Authority Interview. It was better than the psyche test she knew was coming next.

Because she would prove them wrong. She knew what they were thinking, that she was probably fucked up in the head. But she could prove them wrong. She would. She wondered how Soph was doing… God why was she doing this? She should stick to being an agent. It made good money. She was doing well at it and shit, with Wolf it was hard not to. And she was still pissed at the Police for what they had done.

But she wanted to make sure it never happened to any other little girl

3. Wrath or forgiveness- Wrath

She is most definitely the type to err on the side of wrath. She never forgets what people have done to her or those she loves in the past, she refuses to forgive those people who have done wrong to those people, and she always tried to execute things going right on back. She’s fire like that. She burns and she refuses to cool even as she seems cold and calculating on the surface. She burns underneath. Perhaps wrath isn’t exactly right being that she can often do things to get back at people that will go unnoticed because they are small things but she is most certainly not the forgiving type. She’s the sort who gives three chances and then forgets about two of them.

5. Rickey has a bad habit of making deals.

I…ah…I heard you can help me?”

Eighteen year old Rickey—okay she was just barely eighteen but still, she was eighteen—leaned back in her seat, peeking over her shoulder at the person who had come over to speak to her. She had been deep in conversation with Sophia but apparently no one really cared enough to respect that. She glanced over the boy who had come over with those cold eyes, uncaring to the outsider’s glance. Depends she finally answered with a yawn, getting a look from Soph that was probably telling her to cut it out and behave. ”Ignore her dear, how are you, what is it?”

She just narrowed her eyes right back at her best friend before turning her attention towards the boy again. ”Soph I’m making a deal. What is it kid?” she looked over at the kid, leaning back a bit but she could still see Sophia glaring at her out of the corner of her eye and then rolled her eyes when the other girl—the much nicer girl, smacked her arm. The kid barely seemed to notice though, too wrapped up in whatever was bothering him or something, Rickey assumed. Either way, after chastising her to her apparent approval, the best friend went back to her lunch and let Rickey make her deal. As usual.

”I, ah, I mean…There’s this kid. Won’t leave me alone…” he said, trailing off and Rickey nodded. Oh, one of those. Rickey would take care of, well, she supposed they were people’s curses? Perhaps. She made deals. She was a demon like that sometimes. If they had something good for her, she would do what they wanted. Right now it was anything that would make her feel that spark again, that spark of being alive, she felt like it had long since gone out. She arched a brow and waited, wondering what sort of deal he would make…they were always interesting…

2. Envy or Kindness –Both and neither

Rickey isn’t what people would typically think of when they think of people being kind. She isn’t soft or caring or the sort to ask if you’re alright when you’re hurt. She’s more the sort to tell you to stop being an idiot and pick yourself up, but she’ll punch out whoever did the hurting without a second thought. She cares for those wronged, but she won’t go out of her way to make them feel better, that’s Sophia’s job in her mind. She’ll focus on fixing things. She cares if you’re hurt but she won’t show it outwardly.

She’s also not what people generally think of when they think of Envy. She doesn’t entirely covet what other people want and want it for herself, but at the same time she does often wonder what it would be like if she had grown up differently and covets those people’s lives and want things to have gone that way for her. She both wants to keep things that other people have and wish that she had it for herself and wishes her life was no other way because it prepared her for the real world rather than having herself think the world is a soft and kind place as she had never thought it was in her life.

In that way, she is both and she is neither, she is envious but she is not, she is kind but not in the way one would expect.

4. Rickey was bad at keeping her tongue and good at managing her household
I will not back down to these…these pigs!” fifteen year old Rickey shrieked at her mother, her eyes narrowed, tears in them that she wouldn’t let fall. Her hands were fisted at her sides, a snarl on her face that could rival any wolf’s.

”Why couldn’t I have a normal daughter,” Her mama sighed in German, sitting heavily in the one good chair that they owned. Rickey didn’t move, she just glared. ”Sonnet…”

”Rickey. You named me Erica not Sonnet, Mama” she said, exhasperated with her mother. Her forgetfulness, her drinking, her late nights, the men she brought in even when she had been pregnant with Allie still. It pissed her off, made her want to yell at her if she even remembered her father at all. It would only spur her mother on to remind her that her father wasn’t her father by blood, just by care.

”Only because your father made me,” she said, fumbling in her pocket for her smokes, and when she found those looking around for her lighter. The very lighter that Rickey produced from her own pocket a moment later. ”Give it to me, Erica. I am your mother” the woman was exasperated herself as well.

”You act like a child. Make dinner and I’ll give it to you,” Erica said, with all the authority of the man of the house, the one that ran things. She did. She did. Without her, the house would fall apart, She was the one who made sure the heat stayed on, that paid the bills, that took care of her siblings. Even before her father had died. He had never been home and Mama was a mess, Rickey ran the household. For a moment her Mama looked like she was debating smacking her, taking the thing, going back to sleep, all in that order but she did none of it. She stood and did as Rickey had asked instead.

”You know, if you acted normal they’d leave you alone” her mother said, muttered around the cigarette that was still in her mouth. She gestured to Rickey’s current black eye. Rickey got in fights often, people picked on her for anything. It was mostly because she hadn’t been afraid to come out of the closet, be the first out kid in her school. But there were other things. Rickey shook her head. Her mother didn’t get it. She had to stand up because no one else did. They didn’t’ stand up for the poor, or the less privileged, or those without religion or who were the wrong heritage or race, it was disgusting! How was she supposed to just lie down and let them—”I know you won’t. I’m trying not to be proud of you for it,” Her mother flashed her one of those grins, those grins that spoke towards the fact that her Mama had not been lying when she said she had been close to being an actress in Germany, had one people’s heart with that face of hers.

Before she had gotten knocked up with Rickey, that is.

1. Pride or Humility – Pride

She is not the sort to ask for help, as one who is as proud as she is, and she likes to manage to make her own way rather than deal with asking for help—ever. “Those who sufer from pride usually fail to give due compliments to others” This definition of being prideful could never be more true for the likes of Rickey. She does not give compliments lightly, she’s more the sort to scoff and move on, but give a nod so you know she thinks you did well. She needs to prove herself worthy, perhaps it’s due to being teased as a kid but she often feels the need to prove herself and cannot accept help from others easily, she prefers to stand on her own two feet and prove that she is capable of handling everything on her own. She also wants to prove that she can do it, end of story.

3. All about meeting the second best friend she’s ever had

She held out her hand, formal like. She did not care that she was a Freshman in a Senior class, she was determined to graduate early and get back to San Diego. She hated group projects too, they pissed her off. She could handle herself, she didn’t need the help. She was still pissed she had left Soph behind, but Soph insisted she was strong enough without her, that she could handle herself and Rickey needed to stop worrying. She could handle her own heart. And Rickey had trusted her, she had gone off to school in a whole different state. Management. She could do that, she had always been in management in a way, running her household. Soph liked to tease her and say she just wanted to be in the business of bossing everyone around.

Call me Rickey

It was the first thing she said to the man who would become her second best friend, and the second person to see the fire and heat hidden under Rickey’s icy exterior. She clicked with him just as quick as she clicked with Soph, if not quicker. She was there for him when life handed him sour grapes, and though comforting people was not her speciality she did her best, often through distractions rather than anything else and being a confiding ear. And she got more scared than she would ever damn admit when she heard about the cancer and ptu her discomfort with comforting aside to be there for him as often as she could. Sometimes for friends she could put aside her stupid stubborn behavior.


The idea of being an agent for her friend? Well that worked damn well for her. He knew her faults and that made it easy for her to not have to worry about being entirely professional and perfect all the damn time. She could just do her work and not have to worry about hurting his feelings. And she was not surprised at all when it did well. Of course not. It was him. The whole best seller thing didn’t surprise her, he was great and she was a pretty badass agent if she did say so herself.

3. Fiery Yet Cold

The first of the contradictions to Rickey’s character is that she is both fiery and yet she is cold. To people just meeting her, she appears iced off to the world, shutting it out. She does not offer a decent amount of facial expressions to most people, she does not smile politely for the sake of the fact that a person should unless it’s a child in a bad situation and then she sticks it up but mostly she’s just shut down and shut out. But at the same time, on the inside she’s rather fiery and passionate. She has her lovers who she happily showers with that passion and then she has her best friends who manage to see the smirking goof off that she can be on the inside. Most people see the cold and hard woman that she often appears to be, however. And she sees nothing wrong with that. They can all deal with it if you ask her.

2. The day she saved her best friend’s life.

I wish you wouldn’t jog along the beach at night her younger sister’s words echoed in her head but she completely ignored them. She was not going to totally ignore her routines because her sister had decided to become a spaz. Besides, Rickey refused to let the issues that hd happened in the past stop her from doing what she wanted to. Honestly she was probably doing it in spite of what had happened that night. To prove that she could still manage to do it. She scowled and kept running, pushing her sixteen year old body to the brink, needing to prove she was strong, needing to feel her muscles burn, needing to make herself stronger.

That was when, on the edge of the beach, in a secluded spot, she heard something. She frowned. Who else was on the beach? Usually she would keep going, or totally avoid it. She never wanted another night like that even if she had said she was doing this to prove herself wrong and prove that she could manage to get around what had happened to her. But there was something that caught her attention, something that told her to head that way and so she did, she veered her course and ran around the rocks to see a girl. A damn beautiful girl. She blinked and paused because it seemed a little bit surreal.

Until she saw a gun in the girl’s hands.

She launched into action then, running over. ”Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she yelled, trying to get the girl’s attention before she did anything stupid.

The only thing is that the shot caused the girl to fire the gun, probably in shock. And this is why Rickey is totally convinced she has PTSD that she’s just buried somewhere deep down because it caused her to entirely flash back, shriek and tackle the poor girl to the ground, straddling her and pinning down the hand with the gun, an automatic reaction. God this was another reason why she should forget her whole need to be a cop.

For a moment the pair of them just stayed like that, staring at each other, not moving. Thank you was all she said and then Rickey blinked. Had she just thanked her for tackling her? Well, at least that was a good sign that the girl wouldn’t do anything right? ”You’re…welcome” she said, slowly, confused.

And then she scrambled off of her, sitting a little while apart from her, trying to let her recover and not think about how she had tackled the poor chick or that the girl had shot a gun. The girl was just sitting there looking stunned and Rickey was refusing to move on and go back on her run because she wanted to make sure that the girl wasn’t going to do anything again.

Are you…okay?”

They spoke to each other for a while, talking into the night before Rickey stood and brushed the sand off of her pants. ”My name is Rickey” she said, introducing herself but the girl, Sophia, told her that she knew, they went to the same school. And that maybe made the girl feel bad for a moment, but she had been ignoring school so it made sense.

It also made her happy. Because she got to tell the girl she would see her tomorrow. In school. And she had better be there.

2. Protective Yet Uncaring

I feel like this point has been made at nauseum. So there you go. She protects people she thinks needs protecting but with her uncaring attitude and shell that surrounds her she is entirely uncaring to the world around her. I won’t stab this point again and again, but hey, it’s big part of who she is!

1. The moment that changed her life


It started with a bang.

No, not her life. But the end of it. Okay, maybe not the end of it, but it felt like the end. It felt like in that moment, her life had decided to come crashing down. Three thugs with a vendetta. That was all it took for her entire life to fall apart. She was only fourteen, it wasn’t supposed to end so soon. Why?

She screamed.

Come on Rick, it’ll be fun

The fourteen year old narrowed her eyes at her father. Rickey, Dad, Rickey. Rick is a boy’s name. She informed him stubbornly but there was a grin hidden in there, peeking out among the edges. She adored her father, her father was amazing. He stood for justice and peace and kept them all safe. She never got to spend time with him, ever. This was special.

He informed her Rickey was too, that he gave her a beautiful girl’s name but he had been the first person to call her Rickey. So that was his own fault she had taken so stubbornly to the nickname. She asked what they were going to see, with a sigh, and tried to pretend she wasn’t glowing for being the only person to get her father’s attention.

The trouble didn’t start until after they left the dinner after the movie.

Papa it’s late, shouldn’t we just call a cab?

She asked it warily, looking around them. It just felt wrong for some reason. Rickey was always good at knowing when things would go wrong. He shook his head, teased her for being nervous when she had her big strong police man father with her.

He stopped teasing when they got in their way. It was dark, it was late, and it felt like some sort of a cliché. They started spouting off, saying that they knew he had been the one to put their gang leader away, that he would pay. Her father stayed calm but he motioned for Rickey to move back, it was how she knew it was wrong.

He tried to tell them to be calm. That they could work this out.

He didn’t see it, but Rickey did. She just couldn’t make her mouth move fast enough.


Her father fell

Rickey screamed

And they noticed her.

1. Hurt yet Brash

Rickey likes to pretend that she’s entirely brash, that she’s cold and uncaring but she has these weird moments where it’s clear to see that she’s still carrying around that open and gaping wound that her father’s death and what came after has left in her. It’s a rare thing, often hidden, but it comes in the times when a loud noise will catch her off guard and she’s black out for just a moment, in the way she has a hard time putting down that hard shell of hers, in the way that she tends to not let people close. She’s hurt, but she’s also incredibly brash.
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erica sonnet bastille
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Boom, done<3

erica sonnet bastille
PRONOUNS: she/her
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Oh woah, Luna's a space case .The Threads:


(stop letting me make characters xD)

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because you are awesome
I was so excited when I heard that you were going to be making Calcifer before well... Calcifer. I definitely think you have done a good job with the little fireball. Rickey is spunky and cold and there were just a lot of similarities all throughout the app. I can't wait to see her around and see how she develops! Don't forget to make your claims!
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