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 miura, alexander shu, sandman ~ ryosuke miura ~ era
alexander miura
Alex, Sandy
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alexander shu miura
Rise of the Guardians
Ryosuke Miura
Chapter 1: The beginning

It had been a long delivery but by the end of it the young couple had brought into the world a beautiful, bouncing baby boy. When the baby had finally calmed down his mother held him for the first time, naming the child Alexander. His parents promised him a full and loving life.

Chapter 2: The Child

Alexander has had an earache and high fever for a while. Out of concern his parents taken him to the hospital and find out that he has a mild case of pneumonia but thankfully nothing to bad. His parents knew that something was wrong when their son had a slight change in personality. Normally he was a bright and cheerful kid. He loved running around and playing. He was a kind and friendly soul, a natural at making friends at school. When he started getting sick he was a lot more tired and wasn't as energetic.

Once he was cleared he was back on his feet. Once back in school he was back at playing around with the other kids. Alex wasn't much of a talker but he wasn't a shy kid. He was very enthusiastic but he showed his personality more in his expressions and mannerism than his actual voice, only talking when absolutely need be. Being a quiet one did get him into a bit of trouble as he got older. It had become a source of teasing but this boy wasn't a pushover. By nature he wasn't a peaceful, he respected others and always had a cheery disposition. He preferred to avoid conflict and keep up a positive attitude. The only time you'd see a more aggressive side come from the boy was when his friends were in trouble. Alex had a huge heart and hated to see bad people picking on or hurting others, especially when it involved someone trying to tear down the dreams of another. That was unforgivable to Alex. Everyone had the right to dream what they wanted and in his mind no one was allowed to tear that away from them. Alex wasn't muscular but he wasn't weak. His strong sense of right and wrong gave him the strength to protect what matter to him.

Chapter 3: The Change

Up until the age of 16 Alex had had a relatively normal upbringing. He was a bright and smart kid. Doing very well in school in all areas. His favorite class in high school was art. He loved being able to draw and in all his assignments he had ended drawing out his dreams or the dreams of others. Alex had always had a fascination of dreams. Whether it was picture of his best friend scoring the game winning goal or of a plump little golden man sitting on a cloud looking out at the town below him, his drawings were always filled with hope and magic. His energetic personality had only grown throughout the years and he had come to use his voice a lot more, becoming a lot more talkative. Sometimes speaking a little too fast to keep up with.

Chapter 4: The Dream

Things changed though about a month after his sixteenth birthday. It had a been a normal Saturday evening. His father had taken him out for driving practice. Alex had been doing well, was following all the safety rules and seemed like it wouldn't take long before he could take his test. The father and son were waiting at stop light as traffic was passing in front of them when suddenly they lurched forward as a car hit them from behind. The car had been speeding when it hit them from behind, forcing their car forward into traffic only to be hit by a second car from the front. Next thing Alex knew he was waking up in the hospital, body soar, his head wrapped up and bandages across his chest. The doctor explained that in the accident, shards of glass had penetrated his skin. The true extent of the damage remained to be unseen but there had been some damage to Alex's vocal chord. When it came to test his voice Alex found that he could only just speak barely above a whisper, his voice was soft, gravelly and it hurt it a bit to try and speak.

In that moment Alex's life had changed. He had basically lost his voice. It had changed him. For a long time he wasn't that same cheerful boy everyone knew that loved to day dream and draw. He could barely hold a pencil anymore. For a long time Alex just went through the motions of school and life. For four months that's how it had been. Then one day Alex woke up from the strangest dream. It had been about that same little golden man that Alex used to draw all the time. This time though he wasn't alone, there had been others. A giant man in red, a beautiful flying fairing, a tall and slender rabbit, and a playful and mischievous boy. They were all together, talking, laughing, having adventures. It was as if Alex was being surrounded a pure light. The figure that attracted him the most was the little golden man. He never spoke and yet he could say so much. So much hope and power in this kind spirit. It was memorizing.

This was how the dreams continued, the five figures together traveling to places Alex had never seen before. One night the dream was different than the before. Alex was on an island. The ground was filled with gold sand, the same golden color as the little plump man. Before him was a giant globe filled with sprinkling lights. In front of the globe stood the five figures with the golden little man out in the front and this dream they were all looking at him with gentle smiles, the little one with the brightest smile of them. The little one floated towards him and held out his hand towards Alex. At first Alex was hesitant to take it but eventually found his hand connecting with the golden hand. As soon as their hands connected a warm glow resonated throughout his body, the fears and sadness were washing away and being filled with hope.

The following morning when Alex woke up he felt different. The ever glowing sadness was gone and replaced by what felt like hope. He opened up his curtains to let it in the sunlight and bathed himself in, taking in a deep breath. He felt different, he felt better, stronger. Then, for the first time in four months Alex picked up his art book and put a pencil to the paper. It all felt so natural, as if no time had passed at all. His first drawing in months and it was of the little golden man, the one that saved him. When Alex came down for breakfast that morning he brought down his book with him. His mother saw the change in him, he was standing taller, the sparkle in his eyes had return and when he showed her the picture a smile grew on her face which resulted in warm feeling growing inside him. He hadn't realized how much he had missed that feeling, the feeling of pure joy at seeing the smiles of others. He thrived on that feeling and from that point on he promised to never loose the feeling again.

Chapter 5: The Revival

From that moment on Alex had returned to himself and was better than ever. His artwork improved, he grades returned to what they used to be and his life returned to some normalcy after he realized that the accident may have damaged his voice but it hadn't taken away his life. There had to be some changes though. Speaking was no longer an easy thing to do and thus he had to use other ways of communicating. Eventually Alex was learning to communicate in sign language and in support so was his family, at least that way they'd be able to understand him. It was a challenge of course, to go sixteen years being able to use verbal words to not using hand gestures was not the easiest thing to do. With time and patience he was able to master this new language to the point where he'd had to slow down his hands just to be understood.

This was his life. He eventually went to college, continuing his pursue of art after having decided he wanted to become an illustrator. One day a friend came to him with a favor. She asked if he could draw up some character designs for a child's story she was writing. If it would help someone make their dream come true he couldn't turn it down. What he hadn't expected on was his illustrations to be used in the publication. He had thought that they would just be used to give his friend inspiration for her story. Next thing he knew his name was on the front of a cover for everyone to see. His dream had come true. From that one book came a series, and from that one success came others. When Alex isn't drawing he's volunteering in various projects that help encourage kids to follow their dreams. Alex continues to live out his own dream while working hard to help make the dreams of others come true.

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Sandman was such a great character in RotG. I love him to pieces and I think you did a great job with him here. Alex is so energetic that it is adorable! The accident definitely made me cringe a little bit.... or a lot. That is awful! But, he has definitely seemed to bounce back from it and that is a plus! I really do enjoy him though and I can't wait to see him around the site! Don't forget to make your claims!

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