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san diego
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set in JUNE, 2018

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Animus – These beings, whether they’ve come to acknowledge their previous lives or not, are the bold courageous legends of the stories we’ve all come to love. In the real world though they’re definitely having to worry about more than saving a damsel in distress. The Heroes

Exitium – These citizens are questionable, but their intentions have never been for the good of others. No, in the end, it all comes down to number one: themselves. These would be the despicable antagonists of the story, bent on creating turmoil for those they find beneath them or in any other case despise. The Villains

Fidelis – Loyal, faithful, you can go on and on about these individuals. They’re the fellow companions, better yet often those closest to the heroes of the story. Even in the darkest hour they’re ready to stand by and face about anything. The Sidekicks

Incertus – Perhaps it is wise taking neither the side of good or that of evil, and that’s exactly where these citizens find themselves. They hold no interest in the quarrels of these forces preferring to avoid the conflicts. The Wanderers

Imperium – These were once the elegant, respected royalty of kingdoms and dynasties within their tales and now they’ve become the well-known publicly citizens of San Diego. Some are a little more recognized, but none the less they’ve become the high class. The Royals

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