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erin's a superhero!
 Posted: Oct 4 2013, 06:48 PM
24 years
from kiss me i'm irish
boys are cute
erin is Online / 922 posts / she/her

it all starts here...
A seemingly normal day. Sun's out, clouds are breezy and light, sky is blue. Who are you again?

What if one day you woke up out of bed and felt like you used to be someone else? What would you do? What if suddenly, the world around you seemed totally different-- filled with people and places that felt foreign? What if every bit of security in the life you knew was stripped away from you, leaving you completely helpless and unsure of who exactly you were? You remember a life, but it is one that doesn't feel like your own. And to make matters worse, strange markings had appeared on your body seemingly overnight, and you had no idea what they meant. Some people see quotes from famous characters, while others markings only appeared in times of need. And they weren't just funny shapes and circles. The markings could be anything. What if those markings on your body were the clues to the past you didn't remember? What if they were your only hope.

San Diego is a city littered with millions of denizens, and among those millions, this strange phenomenon has been happening to many different types of persons. Some are struggling to figure out everything alone, while others have bonded together to try and decode these strange markings. Are they tattoos? Are they unnoticed birthmarks? No one knows. However, there are others who don't seem too fazed that their bodies have experienced unnatural changes, and are more interested in taking in the beautiful sights that San Diego has to offer. Will you figure the cause out alone? Together in a group? Or will you act as though nothing ever happened, without a care in the world?

Each individual finds themselves wondering more and more about their dreams, and these vague hints at a previous life but it is up to each one of them whether or not they choose to pursue the mystery behind it all. What are these markings? Why do they feel so connected to certain individuals? Will each story repeat itself, or break its structure to write a whole new one. You Decide.

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