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erin's a superhero!
 Posted: Aug 12 2013, 02:57 PM
24 years
from kiss me i'm irish
boys are cute
erin is Online / 922 posts / she/her

”This plot… I’m just not sure I understand.”
When reading our plot think of it as a reincarnation. They lived their lives as their spirit and now they are born as humans who still have similar traits and have lead a similar life. However, they do have clues to this past life that they no longer remember. These markings look strangely like tattoos they don't remember getting. A character can already know who they were when you create their app or they could freshly be starting out on their journey to figure out who they are.

Think of it as similar to the idea for Once Upon a Time. The characters don't know who they are but some of them are waking up to their true identities.

”I want to make this canon, but it is reserved. Do you guys allow canon battles?”
No we do not allow canon battles. I find it discouraging to spend time writing an application and creating a baby and then being told that you cannot play them out because someone wrote a better application. Roleplaying is supposed to be fun not a competition to see who can play a canon better.
”I don’t know what group my character should be in, help!”
Some characters can belong in more than one group. The admins are not going to be picky about what group your character is in. Of course, we don’t want to see you place Jafar in Animus because he is certainly as Exitium. All that the admins ask of you is to use your best judgment as to where your character would fit in.

I’ll give you an example of how I decided where my character, Bryan Woods, Bambi, would fit. At first look I figured he could fit into Animus, Incertus, or Imperium. The first one I knocked out was Imperium. Even though Bambi was the Prince of the Forest and respected among the other deer I didn’t see him as fitting as Aurora, for example, who did come from a truly royal line. Animus was the next one that I knocked out. I realized that throughout the movie there wasn’t a set villain in the movie that he was fighting against I felt as if I couldn’t really classify him as a hero. Therefore, the only one that was left was Incertus.

"How close to canon does my character have to be?"
When looking at apps the main thing we look for is a good resemblance to the canon character. That being said, we are not expecting exact carbon copies of them. What we tend to look for are the main points that happened throughout the movie or movies. All in all we don't want to see Lilo being the popular girl, because in the movie she wasn't even close to it. This also brings up the mentions of playbys. We would like them to look similar. Do your best to stick the the ethnicity of the character as that is something else we look at.
"Do these movies still exist?"
Yes the movies do still exist. It is a real life world set in real time so everything that is happening around us is always happening around out characters.
"Do you accept TV shows?"
Yes! Fantasies Unwind will now accept characters from TV shows, so you are free to make your favorite animated characters
"This movie is not on the canon list so can I not make a character from there?"
The movies and characters that are on the canon list are ones that are currently taken. Since the world of animated movies is so vast then we have tried to limit it down to make it easier to see which characters are taken. So, as long as the movie is animated and animation does not crossover with real life (like Who Framed Roger Rabbit) then you can make any character from that movie.

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