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marian vixie schuler
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Marian Vixie Evans
Maid Marian
Robin Hood
Emmy Rossum


So her personality would be what most people would expect from a young lady who was born and grew up in a wealthy family. Marian is a sweet young and respectful lady. It would be what you expect from someone like her. She isn't a spoiled brat though. Her parents have made sure that she would be raised with a good head on her shoulders that knows right from wrong and knows that although she may have been blessed with the life she has it does not mean that she is above others. With this knowledge she despises people who think that they are.

Now don't let that sweet look fool you. Yes, she is a lady but she also a very stubborn lady. Don't expect her to take a punch laying down. She isn't one to hold her tongue if she feels the need to say something, or knock some sense into someone. She is very much protective of her friends and family and thus not take hurting them very lightly. She's definitely the reliable type and can always be counted on to have your back. Perhaps this is also one of her faults because she sometimes leaves herself far to vulnerable without realizing and thus open to heartache if she isn't careful.

Despite her strong character Marian could be a big softie at times. For example when she's around children. She loves them and hopes to have a family of her own one day. That is when she finds her prince. Yes, this one is definitely a romantic at her and dreams of the day that she finds her prince that comes and sweeps her off her feet to their ever after. Until then though she will continue to study and live her life with her current focus being on studying what she loves most, performing. She loves music but focuses more on acting and dancing. Marian loves to move around and isn't one that likes to stand still for long if she can help it. She doesn't mind breaking a sweat if she. Can't stay fit if she's worried about breaking a nail.


Marian was born on a cool Christmas evening. It had been an easy birth and soon a bouncy, healthy baby girl had been brought into the world and hearts of the Evans family. Nothing was out of Marian's reach but she was not given everything on a silver platter as her parents did not want their daughter to become a spoil brat as they had seen many other children who were born into privilege. So although they would spoil the girl on occasion they worked hard to instill important values such as honesty, compassion, and kindness.

When Marian was about five and she was old enough to start trying out various things Marian quickly fell in love with playing the piano and in no time was constantly practicing. Marian was no Beethoven of course. It took a lot of practice and time to hone down and grow her skills, and a lot of patience but Marian persevered. Her love of music didn't stop there. It grew into other things such as singing and dancing. Marian loved to dance to music that she heard. She started out in ballet and would tip her toes into various other styles like contemporary, jazz, and even broadway. It was then that Marian fell in love with the art of acting. Being able to step into the character of another and become a completely different person thrilled Marian and thus her dream of becoming an actress was born.

Marian would take any advantage of being on stage or being part of a production. It started out in her early years of school. Marian went to private school and any time there was some kind of performance she would be there, not necessarily as the lead because she liked to share the spotlight and challenge herself playing various roles. Along with that she took part in various other clubs an activities at school because Marian enjoyed being involved in things with others. Marian was definitely a people person and thus made friends very easily. Of course you couldn't be friends with everyone. There were the occasional few that Marian disliked that were always snobbish and believed themselves above others. Marian couldn't stand them and tried with all her might to avoid them when she could. Better for her that way and she could enjoy herself a lot more when she was surrounded by her friends that she cared for dearly.

Now we get closer to the present. Marian would graduate in the top of her class after years of hard work and determination. In college she is majoring in theatre with a minor in dance. She renting a small apartment with a view that overlooks the ocean. Along with her studies she takes on little acting jobs here and there to gain experience. As graduation approached Marian had to begin to think about her future. That was when she audition to join a contemporary dance company in San Diego. With a lot of luck and hard work she was lucky enough to be picked and has been working in this company since graduation. Then one day the strangest thing happened. Marian woke up for another day of rehearsals but something just felt surprisingly different. She didn't know how to explain it. She had had an interesting dream that felt very real. If that wasn't weird enough next thing she knew she had a tattoo appear out of no where. Marian wasn't the type to get tattoos nor did she drink so it wasn't as if she had on whim gotten it. Marian didn't know how to explain this and tried to explain and move on but there was always something in the back of her nagging at her, as if trying to make her remember something.

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